Plastic Spoons DIY Lamp [How To Steps]

Create a stunning and functional lamp with plastic spoons.  Crafty, amazing and elegant!

Are you tired of looking at those plastic spoons piling up at your home? Well, they will not be put to waste because you can make a wonderful piece of art from them. Creatively assembling these spoons will let you create a functional and superb lamp shade which may cost you if bought from store. With a bit of creativity and patience, you have an extraordinary project that you can't believe yourself made from plastic spoons.

What you need:

  1. 2 Plastic containers (one for the spoons and one serves as the lamp)
  2. Bundles of plastic spoons
  3. Glue gun & glue sticks
  4. Scissors & cutter
  5. Light bulb & cable

If the materials are ready and you are ready, then let's begin. Grab the plastic spoons. Choose spoons that are all in white color and the same sizes. Cut the spoons near their heads and put them in a container. Spoon heads are the primary material for this project… but don't throw away those handles as you may need them to enhance the look of your lamp later.

diy lamp from plastic spoons
Step 1: Cut the spoon near its head.

Get the remaining container. This will be your lamp shade. Grab the cutter and make a hole on the base of the container. This is where you will insert the light bulb. You may fit the bulb once in a while to make it fits well into the hole. If it doesn't, then you may have to look for a larger container.

diy lamp from plastic spoons
Step 2: Use cutter to create a hole on container's base for the bulb.

Grab the spoon heads. You have to determine the pattern you desire. A shell-like pattern is used in this tutorial. It lets the spoons lay a little bit over each other. If you want to make your own pattern, lay out the spoons and arrange them as you like. Once done, it is time to lay them out on the container. To permanently place the spoons, use double sided tape around the mouth of the container. Place the first layer of spoons. Then, put the second layer tip first over the previous one. If you are satisfied with the pattern, glue the spoons on. Keep your work neat and do not use too much glue as it may get messy.

diy lamp from plastic spoons
Step 3: Place the spoon heads in pattern on the container.

Continue working until the rest of the container is covered. You can also use the handles as alternative to embellish the rest of the container. To hide the base, a circle of spoon is made. To do this, put glue inside each spoon and place the next spoon until a circle is formed.

diy lamp from plastic spoons
Step 4: Continue until the entire container is covered with plastic spoons.

Once done with the outside look of the lamp, it is time to place the light bulb. Stick double sided tape on the sides of the hole you created. Insert the globe along with the cable and make sure it is tight and secure.

diy lamp from plastic spoons
Step 5: Insert the light bulb along with the cable into the hole in container's base.

And you're finished! A fascinating lamp shade from recycled materials. Hang it or put in a lamp base… and finally, light it up!

diy lamp from plastic spoons
Step 6: Hang and light up the lamp!

Watch How it is Done

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