Cooking with Veggie Meat

vegetarian burger taste test
According to Rachael Ray, going veggie just one night a week can save you over $1000 a year, and Lent is the perfect time to add some meat free meals to your menu. Check out the results of my vegetarian burger taste test.

Meat free doesn't have to mean an expensive trip to Whole Foods for all sorts of exotic ingredients, and it doesn't have to mean surprising your kids with tofu! Going vegetarian can be as simple as substituting veggie meat in your favorite recipes.

If you trust a girl that’s not eaten meat for over 30 years, then try my favorite meat substitutes found in your grocer’s freezer!

Vegetarian Burger Taste Test

Best Veggie Burger: Morningstar Farms Original Grillers – you can grill ‘em, microwave ‘em or crumble ‘em like ground beef to use in your favorite recipe. I often make chili with these, and no one knows the difference! Morningstar also makes Recipe Crumbles, but I'm not a fan…they should taste just like the Original Grillers, but they don't. When using Morningstar Farms Original Grillers in your recipes…microwave, crumble and remember that 1, 9 oz. package is the equivalent of 1 lb. of ground beef.

Best Veggie Chicken: Morningstar Farms Buffalo Chicken Wings or Chicken Patties – great for a quick lunch! 1 minute in the microwave, and they’re done! Another option…wrap them in a tortilla or serve the Chicken Patties on a bun for an easy sandwich.

My Favorite: Morningstar Farms Black Bean Burger – delicious crumbled in my Southwest Salad or use it to make a Southwestern Wrap!

Best Vegan Option: Amy's American Veggie Burger – a bit pricier than Morningstar Farms, but absolutely delicious!

Do you have a favorite veggie meat or a favorite way of cooking with veggie meat?

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Courtney~Mommy LaDy Club
11 years ago

One of my step-daughters was our vegetarian, and she loved Morningstar. I’ve never tried it, but always thought making vegetarian food to copy meat was funny. Am I the only one? Obviously the makers know their market;)

Columba Lisa
11 years ago

I used to get the Morning Star breakfast patties – they were good! I substitute dried, sprouted beans, quinoa, and rice for meat sometimes. With a little cheese, it’s enough protein.

11 years ago

I was once confined in a hospital that only serves veggies. I know it’s healthy, but I just can’t get my taste buds into appreciating veggie meat. I’m not used to. Maybe I’ll try again.

11 years ago

Interesting fact! I´ll look for some brands around here and give it a try

11 years ago

While these might be tasty substitutes for meat, are they any cheaper? Is a 9 oz box of the Grillers cheaper than 1 lb. of hamburger? Thanks for the info.

Pam from Two Loons
11 years ago

I love the grillers. I stopped eating red meat almost a year ago and really appreciate the affordability of Morningstar Farms. I agree that the crumbles aren’t that good. Thanks for the good idea of just crumbling the Grillers.

Morgan M
11 years ago

You have no idea how helpful this article is to my family. We started eating vegetarian about 3 times a week back in January to save on money and to just eat healthier. I have seen the meatless substitutes but was too scared to try them, lol. Now I can, based on your recommendations. Thanks!!

11 years ago

I occasionally use meat substitutes, but haven’t tried any of these yet…definitely putting them on my list! Thanks for sharing!

gina valley
11 years ago

I rarely eat meat, so these are great to keep in the freezer. My kids actually love them. They will pop a patty into the microwave after school and make a burger for a snack.

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