Clip Coupons – It’s Like a $100 Per Hour Job

grocery saving tips
If you're serious about saving money, the grocery is the place to start because you'll see immediate results. Wouldn't you love to watch your grocery bill go from $150 a week to just $75? It really is possible, and the folks at The Grocery Game, Inc. are ready to help you become a coupon queen.

Did you know that every hour spent couponing is worth an estimated $100 in savings? Maybe it's time to get serious about coupons, and maybe it's time to start thinking about couponing as your $100 per hour job!

The Grocery Game will teach you the coupon lingo, and they'll share valuable tips for saving money at the grocery.

Here's a little coupon lingo for you…do you know what coupon stacking means? Stacking means combining a manufacturer's coupon with a store coupon for maximum savings. The Grocery Game will teach you this grocery saving tip and many more! Think of The Grocery Game as your coupon coach.

There more to saving money on groceries than just clipping coupons…it's a game, and there's a strategy! Each week, the Grocery Game will show you what's on sale, where to find the coupons and your percentage of savings. You'll even be able to print your customized grocery list.

Are you ready to play The Grocery Game, Inc. and win? Once you discover how easy it is to save big money on groceries, you'll never want to pay full price again. Start your free 4-week trial of The Grocery Game and Cut Grocery Bills by 67% or more!


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In full disclosure, this post contains affiliate links to help support The Budget Diet girl! My advice will always be unbiased and free, but free won’t pay the bills! Thanks!

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11 years ago

The only issue I have with sites like this and the major couponing is that it’s mostly foods I can’t or won’t eat. We don’t eat processed food in our house so we wouldn’t be buying frozen breakfast sandwiches, chips, or meal-in-a-bag/box types of things. It seems that all the coupons I find are for the “crap” foods.

Mary Beth
11 years ago

So is there a site you can use that is similar to the grocery game but is free? That is kind of the reason I am here, because we have no money!

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