A Complete Strength Training Workout That You Can Do Without Spending A Cent

Doing cardio, like running after kids or taking long walks, may not be enough to help you lose weight. When you add strength training into your routine, you have a much better shot at getting the body shape that you crave. In order to add strength training to your exercise routine, you need to set aside some time, and make a plan! It can be fun to track your progress and see that you are indeed getting stronger and losing weight. Here is a complete strength training routine that you can add into your routine, without joining a gym or buying any equipment.

This workout can be done two to four times a week, so set aside some time! It is best to warm up before working your muscles, so go for a light ten minute jog, or do some jumping jacks in place. With each exercise, start by doing the number of reps that you can handle. For example, if you can only manage 10 sit ups in a row at first, start there! Write it down, and watch your numbers go up as you gain muscle.  Do two sets of each exercise to start with, and after a few months, increase this to three sets.


Source: mihaskinnybuddha.com
  • Sit ups (a great modifier is to place your toes beneath the couch)
  • Lower Leg Lift
  • Plank


Venus Dimples
Source: fitneass.com
  • Lying arm and leg raises


  • Push ups
  • Small arm circles
  • Large arm circles

Legs and glutes:

Source: mamamia.com.au
  • Squats
  • Calf raises

This full body workout will work all of your major muscle groups. As you keep doing it over time, you will see your shape begin to transform. Sticking with a strength training routine can give you more energy during the day, and will set a great example for the family. You could even have the kids join in! I am excited to get started. Are you? Leave a comment below!

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