5 Free Fitness Apps You’ll Love

best free fitness apps

Forgo your gym membership and let one of these free fitness apps be your new personal trainer! Whether you run, walk, bike, lift weights, circuit train or do yoga…there's an app for you. In fact, there's even an app for couch potatoes to train for a 5K in just 8 weeks.

With summer upon us, you'll have no more excuses for not exercising because wherever your phone goes, your workout goes too.

At the beach? Pull out your phone and do Pocket Yoga.

Need to sneak in a quick 10 minute workout in your hotel room? Daily Workouts is ready and waiting for you.

Not sure where to run or walk when you're in a new city? Let Map My Run calculate everything for you.

Best Free Fitness Apps


Daily Workouts
This app wants to be your free personal trainer wherever you are, and it's a quickie workout! Choose a 10 to 30 minute workout and follow the on-screen instructions/video and timer.

Ready to go from couch potato to running a 5K? This app will get you there with an 8-week plan designed for beginners. You'll exercise 3 times per week for 30 minutes. WOW!

My Fitness Pal
If you need to combine diet and exercise…this one's for you! Start by setting your weight loss goal, and then let My Fitness Pal help you track your calories, exercise and progress. It's a quick and easy to use calorie counter with a database of over 3-million grocery store and restaurant foods. You'll also log your exercise each day to discover how many extra calories you've earned. By the way, that 30 minute walk will earn you an extra 97 calories for the day.

Map My Run
It's actually map my run, walk or bicycling route! The app calculates your distance, time, calories burned, heart rate and speed. Stop running, walking or biking the same route day after day…let Map My Run help you add a little variety to your workout.

Pocket Yoga
It's a flexible app! Choose the duration and skill level of your practice, and let your yoga class begin. Pocket Yoga even comes with a soothing teacher's voice and relaxing music.

With these fitness apps and other frugal exercise ideas, you can keep healthy without breaking the bank. Please leave a comment to share your best free fitness apps.

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