Complaints Add Up to Savings

get results by complaining
If you have a legitimate complaint, take the time to kindly voice it, and you'll be surprised at the savings.

You might receive a credit on your cable bill for an outage or a free movie ticket for poor sound quality. Learn how to complain and get results.

How to Complain and Get Results

  • Be nice…the customer service representative you are speaking with likely had nothing to do with the problem, and they'll be more likely to help you if you're not yelling at them!
  • Be prepared with details…if your cable TV was out, know the exact dates. If your cell service was poor, explain that you usually have 3 – 5 bars, and you're only getting 1 bar. The more details, the better!
  • Ask and you may receive…after explaining your situation, ask for a credit on your bill.

Did you know you can complain about…

Cable TV Service

Our cable service was out for a week, and a phone call to the Comcast billing department resulted in a $50 credit on our bill.

Internet Service

We had intermittent internet service for a few days, and another phone call to Comcast saved us $24 on our next bill.

Cell Phone Reception

If you notice unusually poor service, call your cell phone provider and you might receive a credit. My son called to complain about his cell service, and he learned that Sprint was having technical troubles…the end result was a $25 credit on his bill!

Movie Theatre Problems

We bought two movie tickets and walked into the theatre only to discover that our seats were taken. They found new seats for us, and gave us two free movie tickets. Over the years, I've also received free movie tickets as a result of complaining about sound quality or picture trouble.

Restaurant Food or Service

If you get a bad meal or bad service at a restaurant, do you complain? Most restaurants will offer you a free dessert or free meal.

Grocery Products

Have you ever purchased an item at the grocery that was bad or contained a foreign object? Take a moment to email the manufacturer, and you'll likely receive a few coupons for free products.

Don't feel bad about complaining…you're really doing the business a favor by pointing out flaws in their product or service.

Please leave a comment to share your experiences with complaining.


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