Beauty on a Budget – Recipes for Homemade Beauty Products

Trying new beauty products is always fun, but it can be an expensive experiment if you don’t like the results. These affordable recipes for homemade beauty products are certainly worth a try – just click on the link for the complete recipe.

Make Your Own Hair Detangler – surprisingly, it’s a simple mixture of conditioner and water! Thanks to for this frugal hair detangler recipe!
hair detangler recipe

Make Your Own Anti-Frizz Serum – if you’re tired of paying $15+ for anti-frizz serums, you’ll love this recipe to get the frizz out naturally from

recipes for homemade beauty products

DIY Lip Scrub – 3 Variations – Your dry, chapped lips will love these 3 frugal lip scrub recipes from

recipes for homemade beauty products


Make Your Own Dry Shampoo – If you’ve never tried dry shampoo, it’s a busy mom’s best friend! You’ll be able to go an extra day without washing your hair when you try this dry shampoo recipe from

beauty on a budget

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Beauty Products
11 years ago

Great and very useful contents! Thank you and keep posting, also we all must know that Proper Diet,Regular Exercise and Clean surroundings are the best steps to get Good health and Perfect Body assets.

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