9 Full-of-Flavour Treats to Make Use of Extra Tomatoes


If you've been a good gardener, then you should have more tomatoes than you know what to do with. Putting them in can is not ideal as you might end up eating spaghetti every day and the taste is lacking. So what to do with extra tomatoes? Here are some ideas.

Put sliced tomatoes on sandwiches and hamburgers. In the South people have tomato slices for side dishes. Give it a try.

tomato burger

Tomatoes can also be used to make appetizing salsa. You can look for various recipes of salsa using your extra tomatoes. Aside from tomatoes, you can also add avocado, onion, mangoes and jalapeños.

tomato salsa

Green tomatoes are also edible. Southern people and in other countries fry them. Cut up the tomatoes, cover with bread crumbs and fry. A healthy treat!


Slice a small top portion of the tomato, remove the seeds and replace it with tuna, chicken salad or egg. You save yourself from washing dishes and you treat yourself with nutritious dish.


Soup from 100% fresh tomatoes is superb for you and your family. Get tomato soup recipe of your choice and store it for colder months.


Dehydrate your tomatoes. Remove any bruises, slice and place them on dehydrator rack and switch it on. After a few minutes, you have dried tomatoes you can have for different dishes all year long.


Cut the tomatoes in cubes as well as cucumbers and onions. Make vinaigrette dressing and you have a unique salad. Tomatoes can also be used on your typical kind of salad.

tomato salad

Tomatoes are the main ingredient of ketchup. Make your own ketchup with your extra tomatoes. Look for recipes online.

homemade ketchup

Skewer meat and tomatoes along with mushrooms and red onion to make a mouth-watering shish kabob. Cover it olive oil and grill!

Shish-Kabobs tomatoes

With these ideas, your extra tomatoes won’t rotten to nothing. But if you still have abundance of tomatoes, you might as well sell them for extra income.

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