When It Comes to Spending, What Are Your Priorities?

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I've just returned from a summer-long road trip, that I've affectionately named “tour de family and friends.” After logging 4000 miles in 9 states, I've gained some frugal wisdom along with a few pounds!

We All Have Different Priorities
What's important to spend money on for one person may seem ridiculous to another person. It's possible live a frugal life but still allow yourself a few splurges along the way. Consider these “splurges” your motivation to save money.

I love to splurge on vacations, so I skimp when it comes to grocery shopping and clothes shopping.

My son's roommate won't buy cable TV because it's too expensive yet he plunks down $100 a month for yoga.

My mother buys organic foods (her motto is…never skimp on nutrition), but she happily buys her clothes from thrift and consignment stores.

My friend in Texas only buys expensive wine, but she shops at estate sales for furniture.

My sister is a Dollar Store queen, yet she'll only stay in expensive balcony suites when they cruise.

My friend drives ultra-luxury cars, but clips coupons.

Other Frugal Tidbits from My Road Trip

My cousin taught me how to make a beautiful flower arrangement using whatever is in your yard. His secret? Start with a plastic fern as your base and fill in around it…clever!

My son introduced me to Uber – more reliable and cheaper than a taxi. Get the app, tap a button and get picked up in minutes for a set rate that you see up front. No messing with cash because you load your credit card info. into the app. It's the ultimate in time, value and convenience.

My friend taught me the simple pleasure of sitting at the beach and reading a book.

My sister-in-law is great at saving her receipts, continuing to watch sale ads and getting her money back if the item is marked down shortly after she makes a purchase.

My friend introduced me to the Tibet Almond Stick…it works miracles on furniture scratches! I'll have to look twice at scratched-up garage sale furniture.

The moral of this story?

Money doesn't grow on trees. Enjoy life; learn from others; live within your means.

Please leave a comment to let me know what you splurge and skimp on.


image courtesy of Gualberto, FreeDigitalImages.net

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9 years ago

I love to read but I REFUSE to buy books! I take them out from the library free of charge! I also rent movies from the library. It doesn’t matter that I don’t read the book the first day it comes out and sometimes there is a wait. And another bonus I’m not stuck with a bunch of books cluttering up my house!!

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