Warm and Comfy DIY Dog Bed for our Favorite Pet

A no-sew dog bed to keep your pet warm and comfy. Express your love for your dog with this simple DIY project!

We love our dogs. We consider them part of the family, which is why we go out of our way to make sure they are comfortable (sometimes even more than our kids). Dog beds provides our favorite pets the space they need to have a good night sleep. Today, we are going to make a do-it-yourself dog bed without any sewing.

You need:

  • pillow (any shape will do)
  • 2 colored fabrics (any color will do)
  • scissors

If you used old pillow, then you can buy several stuffing to make it more comfy for your dog. Choose fabrics that are smooth and warm for your pet. Lay the two fabrics together. Make sure they are the same size for you to easily cut them.

Diy dog bed

Place the pillow to trace its shape but ensure to leave extra hem. You will use this to secure your bed later. Cut the excess fabric. Next, cut the corners making a rectangle shape. Ensure to trim the fabric together to maintain their sizes.

Diy dog bed

Next, start making the tassels. Tassels should be the same width as your finger. Ensure the tassels are the same length and width around the fabric. You will tie these tassels later to secure the pillow inside. Be careful not to cut yourself.

Diy dog bed

If you are finished cutting tassels around, tie the two sides using double knot. This part will take your time but the outcome is truly worth it. Make sure to leave a side open to insert your pillow. If you are done with three sides, put your pillow and continue tying the tassels to have your first DIY dog bed.

Diy dog bed

Watch How it is Done

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