Try A Retro Budget!

How's this for your weekly challenge…take a look at your budget from 1990. You'll find that it's a good lesson in need or want!

Yes, we'll consider 20 years ago “retro” for the purpose of this article!

Let's suppose that your 1990 budget is missing or maybe it really never existed! No worries…my 1990 budget will suffice! (By the way, everyone should have a written household budget, so please take a moment to fill in the blanks on my budget worksheet and learn to save your money.)

1990 Phone Bill $40.00
1990 Cable Bill $17.00
1990 Internet Bill (didn't have one!)
1990 Cell Phone Bill (didn't have one!)
Total 1990 Electronics Bills: $57

2010 Phone Bill $145.00 (includes phone, internet & dish network)
2010 Cell Phone Bill $130.00
Total 2010 Electronics Bills: $275

WOW…we're spending $218 a month more on electronics than we did 20 years ago, that's $2616 a year!

Of course, we all feel like cell phones & internet are necessities, BUT if you are really struggling financially you can live without cable, you can live without a cell phone and you can live without the internet! A cell phone, the internet and cable TV are not worth going into debt for! Give up the fancy electronics if you're headed toward bankruptcy or foreclosure! Free internet access is always available at your local library. Look on the bright side, a life without fancy electronics will give you a chance to simplify your life.

Taking a look at our budget from 20 years ago is a simple reminder of NEED or WANT. Society seems to think that our needs have changed over the past 20 years when in reality advertising and marketing have turned our wants into needs! Think about it!


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