Simple Summer Pleasures!

summer fun ideas

Photo courtesy of Free Web Photos   The fireworks are over, and the retail stores are already promoting back to school…yikes! There are still 2 months of summer to enjoy, so ignore those back to school ads and enjoy the simple pleasures that summer has to offer. Use this summer fun checklist to make sure … Read more

Frozen Lemonade Pie

Lemonade Pie is a quick and easy no bake pie with just 4 ingredients, and this pie just costs less than $4!

Lemonade Pie is a quick and easy no bake pie with just 4 ingredients! I can remember the first time I tasted Lemonade pie…I was 7 years old, and our babysitter brought this over! She shared the recipe, & we’ve been making it every summer since then! If you buy store brands & make your … Read more

Summer Jobs For Teens

A few years ago my oldest child hit what I call “the in-between age”…old enough to go to the movies & go ice skating with his friends, but not old enough for a job! At the same time, his taste in toys changed from legos and action figures to expensive electronics! Well…if you’ve been to … Read more

Budget Friendly Summer Fun At Home!

Staying home this summer? Need ideas for summer fun? Don’t let your children spend hours watching TV & playing video games! Mom…it’s your job to plan some budget friendly summer fun at home, and The Budget Diet girl is here to help with budget boredom busters! Budget Boredom Busters Start a summer tradition of having … Read more