Parents Night Out…It’s FREE Babysitting!

I have 3 teen-age children, and the going rate for a babysitter is $7 – $10 an hour…YIKES, that will put a damper on date night!

Keep your date nights alive by organizing a Parents Night Out group with your friends. Parents Night Out is simply a cheap date night out for mom & dad because your friends will be the babysitter for your children while you go out on a date, and you'll be the babysitter for their children when they go out on a date…no babysitting cost involved!

Here's how it works…

  1. Start with a group of neighborhood friends or a playgroup.

  3. Have an organizational meeting to determine which families are interested in Parents Night Out.

  5. Choose set dates for Parents Night Out…you might consider every other Saturday night from 6:00 – 9:00.

  7. When Parents Night Out rolls around, half of your members will enjoy a date night, and the other half of your members will be babysitting in their homes. If you have Parents Night Out twice a month, each couple will enjoy 1 date night in exchange for 1 babysitting night.

  9. Set a few simple rules like…children should or should not eat dinner before Parents Night Out, all parents must fill out an informational sheet on their child including contact numbers, allergies, etc., how to handle last minute cancellations due to sickness, etc.

Now, go get your Parents Night Out group organized and enjoy date night for less!

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