Season and Freeze Ground Beef

Cheap Eats – Save Time and Money with Freezer Cooking

Ground beef's on sale this week, so you decide it's time to stock up and freeze!

If you hate wrapping and freezing ground beef, Stacy from Missouri City, Texas has a solution that doubles as a frugalicious and fast dinner idea! You'll save time and money with freezer cooking! Here's the plan:

    * Brown the ground beef and season (Italian seasoning, Mexican seasoning, just salt & pepper)

    * Freeze the cooked ground beef in storage bags labeled with the type of seasoning, so you'll have your casserole meat, taco meat or spaghetti meat ready to go!

    It's frugal because you'll do this when ground beef is on sale.

    It's easy because even your husband can brown ground beef!

    It's fast because you'll have a freezer full of dinner ideas!

    Thanks Stacy!

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