Halloween Fun – Send a Boo!

halloween boo

October is here, and the “Boo's” will soon start appearing throughout the neighborhood!

If you're not familiar with sending a “Boo”, it's just good clean Halloween fun, and it's time to start this Halloween tradition in your neighborhood!

Before we moved to Texas, I had never heard of sending a “Boo”, but now Halloween wouldn't be complete without it! Why don't you start the Halloween fun in your neighborhood this weekend!

Here's how to get the Halloween fun started in your neighborhood…

  1. Type the Boo note (see below) and print two copies.
  2. Put together two bags of Halloween treats.
  3. Make two ghosts…simply cut a ghost shape out of plain white paper.
  4. Put one Boo note, one ghost and one Halloween treat bag on the doorstep of a friend…ring the doorbell and RUN!
  5. Repeat step #4 at another friend's house.
Boo note:


You have been Booed!!!
Make two treats, two ghosts, and two copies of this note.

Take them to the houses of two people you like most.

Pick those who don't have a ghost…for those are the ones who need it most!

Be sneaky and don't get caught…for if you do, it's all for naught!

You have one day to complete the task…for if you don't, your luck won't last.

Most of all, laugh and have fun…and wonder which of your friends was the one!

Before you begin, you must finish the spell…hang your ghost on your door…

Or the other goblins might ring your bell!!!!


Image courtesy of Kittisak / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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Shelly Ford
13 years ago

What a fantastic idea!! I love this! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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