FatWallet Black Friday App Helps Consumers Shop

black friday app
Black Friday is one of the busiest shopping days in the year. This day occurs the day after Thanksgiving when retailers are poised to make their highest profits in the year to mark the holiday season. In today's mobile environment, many people require having the latest information, including sales, on their mobile device. The website Fatwallet.com came out with one of the best phone applications on the market today, the Black Friday App.

Exclusively made for the iPhone, the Black Friday App helps users sort through all the local and national Black Friday deals in their area or online. Using an iPhone or iPhone Touch, the user can be at the mall or at a store and find the best Black Friday deals in their location. They can use the app to find what departments or specific types of goods are on sale that day at nearby stores. For example, if a consumer wants to find the best deals on jewelry in a local department store, instead of trying to view the department store's ads online the consumer can use the app to see if there is a Black Friday deal at that store.

Once a retailer advertises that there will be a Black Friday sale, the app will notify the user that the local stores has deals. Also, the user can search through the app to see what specific stores are holding sales, in case they must travel to a distant mall or department store. There are also pre-loaded Black Friday deals from the previous year, so users can compare and play with app before 2011 ads come out. If somehow there is a Black Friday deal missing, users and retailers can manually add that a store has a Black Friday deal. This will go into the app's system so other users can know what items are on sale at this store. Users can also share what places had the sales through their connected social media accounts, like Facebook and Twitter.

Consumers can also use the app to find online deals through various stores. Since many people shop online, the app helps iPhone users know what stores are selling specific products for Black Friday. Search deals by category, brand, price, online, in store, doorbuster or free shipping, which really helps consumers save money through the online shopping.

FatWallet.com's Black Friday app is a resource to organize Black Friday deals and empower shoppers. Change Black Friday shopping from hectic to easy with the Black Friday app in your pocket.

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