Family Fun…Video Game Family Olympics

Cheap Thrills – Game Night

In the spirit of the Winter Olympics, why don't you host a Video Game Family Olympics this weekend? It's a fun variation on game night!

As long as you have a video game system and some sports games, this is the answer for cheap family fun this weekend plus it's “weatherproof”!

Here's how it works…

    #1. Choose a few video sports games (Wii Ultimate Sports Winter Challenge is the perfect game, but there are plenty of other video games that would work well for this).

    #2. Award 3 points to the winner (gold medal), 2 points for second place (silver medal) and 1 point for third place (bronze medal).

    #3. After all the games have been played, the family member with the most point wins!

    So…what's the prize? How about getting to choose a restaurant for dinner?

    Now, go have some cheap family fun this weekend!

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