Budget Friendly Summer Fun – Book Swap

book swap party
Beat the heat and encourage summer reading with a book swap party!

It's a budget friendly & fun way to kick-off summer reading, and it might become a summertime tradition in your neighborhood.
Book Swap Party

  • Invite friends (in the same grade) to bring 3 used paperback books that are at their current reading level.

  • After the children arrive, display the books on a large table or two.

  • Draw numbers for the order in which the children will choose a book. For example, if there are 10 children at the party, put numbers 1 – 10 into the drawing & each child picks a number.

  • Round 1 begins! The child that drew #1 picks a book, then the child that drew #2 picks a book, and so on.

  • Before beginning round 2 & round 3, draw numbers again. This turns the book swap into a game, adds to the fun and prevents the same child from always having first pick or always having last pick!

  • So…each child arrived at the party with 3 books, and they'll leave with 3 books!

  • After the final round, make bookmarks (using scrap paper, markers & assorted stickers).

  • Have information to give the children on summer reading clubs at your local library or bookstore. Most clubs offer incentives or prizes for reading!

  • Refreshments…let the children make their own ice cream sundaes!


A book swap doesn't have to be just for kids…why not host a summer book swap party with your girlfriends!

P.S. – When my children were in elementary school, I loved hosting a summer book swap! It became an annual tradition! The children enjoyed seeing each other after school was out, they loved getting new books and making bookmarks was a huge hit! If you host a summer book swap party…please let me know how it goes!

book swap party


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Nicole Rivera
12 years ago

I LOVE this idea!! Fantastic.

Not only do I have an insane obsession with books, I love TALKING to others about the books I have just read – how cool it could have been if I had done this when I was younger, so all my friends and I could be reading and chatting about the same stories!

I hope my eyes improve enough so I can read printed words again (not have to rely on digital all the time), so I can arrange my own book swap!!

Michelle Steiner
12 years ago

Great idea! I’ll have to figure out a way to get my daugthers stop son involved in something like this!


12 years ago

What a great idea! Books can be so expensive and this is a great way to expand your library, recycle your kids old books and save a little money!!

Charise @ I Thought I Knew Mama
12 years ago

I love this idea! When Baby is a bit older, I definitely want to do this.

Stumbled 🙂

the Damsel in Dis Dress
12 years ago

Super fun idea!

By the way, I just tried to reply to your comment on my blog about powdered sugar. It rejected my email, saying no such user. I know I’ve sent you email before so maybe it’s just a temporary glitch, but I thought I’d let you know.

13 years ago

what a fabulous idea!

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