Do You Complain About Bad Service?

how to write a complaint letter
Have you ever found a foreign object in a piece of food? Did you write a letter to complain?

Have you ever received poor service at a restaurant? Did you complain about the service?

Have you ever had a store clerk speak rudely to you? Did you complain?

Some people feel like it's not polite to complain, but a legitimate complaint should help improve quality and service, and it might earn you a freebie! Think about it, if nobody tells the restaurant that their fish is overcooked, how will they know? If you need a little encouragement to help spark that complaint letter, read on!

  • A few weeks ago, I ordered 5 cheese pizzas from Domino's to be delivered for a party.
  • Estimated delivery time was 40 minutes.
  • After an hour of waiting, I called, and they said the pizza had just left the store.
  • I waited 20 more minutes, still no pizza.
  • I called again, and they realized that our pizzas were marked for carryout and had been sitting there for quite some time!
  • They promised they would get our pizzas to us in 10 minutes…just before the end of the party.
  • The pizzas arrived just as the parents were coming to pick up the children.
  • Once the pizza saga was over, I called the manager to make sure he was aware of the situation, and he was.
  • He did not offer anything other than a simple, “I'm sorry,” so I asked if he could offer me a discount on my next order.
  • I now have a store credit for 6 FREE pizzas!


Don't be afraid to speak up! It's your right to complain, but it's also your obligation to praise exceptional service!


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