DIY Valentine Cards and Gifts

Make your own Valentine cards and gifts this year…so cute, so clever and so much more memorable than something store bought. DIY Valentine cards and gifts are budget-friendly too!

Free Printable Art

Download, print and frame this freebie from! If you don't have an extra frame laying around, try the dollar store.

DIY valentine's cards and gifts

Valentine's Cards for Classmates

If your daughter loves making Rainbow Loom bracelets, attach them to this free printable Valentine card created by

DIY valentine cards

DIY Sharpie Mug

If you have decent handwriting…this quick DIY project is for you! The supplies are basic: a mug (try the dollar store ) and a sharpie. The instructions are simple: decorate the mug with your sharpie, bake at 350º for 30 minutes. How easy is that, and how cute is this design from The Good Life blog!

DIY valentine cards and gifts

Valentine's Coupon Book for Your Kids

Instead of giving your kids more candy, give them a Valentine's coupon book! They'll love using coupons like 30 extra minutes of TV time, pizza night or going out for ice cream. You can print your free coupon book at

free printable valentines day coupon book for kids


Giant Rice Krispie Treat Shaped Like a Hershey Kiss

Who wouldn't love this! Visit for the recipe.


Need more inspiration for DIY Valentine cards and gifts? Visit my Pinterest Valentine's Board! And for more frugal ideas, check out my Ultimate Guide to a romantic Valentine's Day on a budget.

That's amore!

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