Valentine’s Date Night on a Budget

valentine's on a budget
You don’t need money; you need creativity for a perfect Valentine’s Day!

On Valentine’s Day, it isn’t the budget that creates the romance; it’s the intimacy! You don’t automatically have to choose the more expensive options—especially if doing so will hurt you financially.

Here are some ideas for creating a fantastic date that won’t empty your bank account.

Valentine's Date Night on a Budget


Go Small or Go Home

There are certain traditions associated with a romantic Valentine’s Day: roses, a shiny piece of jewelry, a fancy dinner. There is no reason that you can’t still do these things—just do them on a smaller scale. For example: Instead of a dozen red roses, bring one. Instead of actual diamonds or gemstones, order a custom piece of jewelry from one of the talented artists on Etsy. Rather than a five-course dinner at the fanciest restaurant in town, have starters there at the bar on your way to something more fun.

Personalize It

The trick to genuine romance on Valentine’s Day is to give your date what you know he or she really wants. If, for example, your girlfriend is really into hockey, give her tickets to the next game or a jersey with her favorite player’s number. If she really loves gourmet food, instead of spending possibly hundreds of dollars on a fancy gourmet dinner, buy her one of Julia Child’s cookbooks and then make a few of the recipes from it for her. If your date loves movies, give him a book of movie tickets. You get the idea.

Make It Yourself

Sometimes the best gifts are those that you make yourself. Grow the flowers you give her on Valentine’s Day in your yard or on your patio. Make the fancy dinner yourself. You’ll get bonus points if you make the person’s favorite food (even more if it is a food you normally loathe). If you are able, make the gift yourself—especially if you are planning to give jewelry.

Handmade does not mean that you are cheap. It means that you pay attention and are willing to put real time and effort into creating romance for your special someone on Valentine’s Day.

Vouchers are Awesome

You might think that vouchers or coupons are a copout, but if you do them right, they will mean more to your special someone than anything you could have purchased in a store. Vouchers can be for things or actions, and in this case, actions do often speak louder than words.

Set a Price Limit

Make a deal with your date that Valentine’s Day gifts can’t go over a certain dollar amount. This will force you to be creative and find something that you know will tickle your date’s fancy. It will also help you relax because you won’t be worried about whether or not the value of the gift you are giving matches the gift you are being given.

Stay Home

A quiet evening at home can be far more romantic than a night spent out surrounded by Valentine’s Day clichés. Make your own dinner or order in. Watch your favorite movies. Snuggle on the couch.

Money does not automatically equal romance, care, or attention. In fact, often it can feel like quite the opposite. Use these suggestions to create a memorable and romantic Valentine’s Day that you’ll both remember forever!


written by:  Erin Steiner

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Betty Baez
11 years ago

I agree! Money doesn’t equal romance and love, its spending time with the people you love. We stay home on valentines day and I like it that way 🙂

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