DIY Headboards – Frugal and Fabulous

Save a trip to the furniture store and save a little money by making your own headboard! The end result will be totally unique, cheaper and more interesting than anything you'd find in a furniture store!

Need a little inspiration? I've gathered some pictures on my Decorating on a Dime Pinterest Board to spark the frugal decorating diva in you!

Create a Curtain Headboard

Paint a Section of an Old Fence

How about a Headboard Made with a Recycled Wooden Pallet?

Give an Architectural Piece a New Life…think old Mantel, old Bookshelf or even an old Door!

If you're good with a paintbrush, you could paint a headboard just about any shape or any color you can imagine! Now, go forth and unleash that frugal decorating diva!

Please leave a comment to share any creative and inexpensive headboard ideas!

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