How to Make an Autumn Leaf Placemat

Add fall colors to your home with DIY fall leaf placemats. Celebrate the harvest season with this project!
Image source: HGTV Handmade on YouTube

This autumn leaf placemat is a gorgeous way to brighten up your dining room. Inspired by real fall leaves, this a simple DIY project that adults and even kids will surely enjoy.

What you need:

  1. Craft paint
  2. Fabric (preferable green or brown)
  3. Paper and pen
  4. Sponge or paint brush


Step 1. Grab a piece of paper and marker. Fold it in half and draw the template for the leaf. Choose any leaf that you want. You may check online or print a picture as a guide.

diy fall leaf placemat

Step 2. Once done, cut it out.

diy fall leaf placemat

Step 3. Lay the cut-out paper leaf on the fabric and trace the shape with a marker. Then, carefully cut along the outline of the leaf.

diy fall leaf placemat

Step 4. You may leave your leaf as it is or you can add a more personal touch by painting it. If you want the leaf to look like it is changing color, mix red and yellow craft paint. Dab it on the placemat using a sponge. Use a paintbrush to add more details. If you are satisfied with the look, let it dry.

diy fall leaf placemat

And you are done! These fall leaf placemats are a great accent for your dinner table.

diy fall leaf placemat

Watch a Video Tutorial:

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