Dial a Human – How to Outsmart Automated Phone Systems

save time

Tired of wasting your time in an endless cycle of computerized phone messages?

Don't you have better things to do with you time than talking to a computer?

Ready to outsmart those automated phone systems?

Stop the madness!

Save time!

Dial a human!

Just this morning I wasted 10 minutes trying to talk to a human at our health insurance company. My automated conversation went something like this,

If you're a patient, press 1

If you're a provider, press 2

If you a calling about an existing claim, press 1

If you are calling about benefits, press 2

Enter i.d. followed by the #.

Enter patient date of birth.




When I finally spoke to a human, I was asked for all the same information that I had just keyed in!

Sound familiar?

The Budget Diet girl has good news for you, and you'll never waste time talking to a computer again! This just might be the time saving tip of the year!

I've just discovered a great site called Dial a Human. You simply enter the name of the company that you're trying to call, and you'll discover the trick to reaching a human! They have a database of hundreds of companies, and you'll likely find your insurance company, airline, bank or favorite store listed.

Did you know that saying “representative” three times quickly will connect you to a human at United Health Care? I'll be using that one next time!

Want to know the short cut to talk to a human at Sun Trust Bank? According to Dial a Human, just press # rapidly and repeatedly!

The fast track to speak to a human at Reliant Energy? Do not press or say anything!

Simplify your life and save time with Dial a Human.

Just another time saving tidbit from The Budget Diet girl.

Remember, time is money.


Image courtesy of: digitalart / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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