Decorate your Room with DIY Mosaic Frame

This DIY mosaic frame will surely captivate everyone and believe it or not, it is easy to make.

It takes effort and time to beautify your room. But, a simple décor can make a huge difference. This DIY mosaic frame will surely captivate everyone and believe it or not, it is easy to make.

Materials you need:

  • Cardboard/Carton
  • Colored fiber
  • Old CD

diy mosaic frame


First, glue the two cardboard/carton together. It is very important to use thick paper as this serves as the frame. The thicker, the better. You can use  cereal box instead of cardboard. If you really aim to make frame from recycled materials, then cereal box is the perfect choice.
diy mosaic frame

Get your desired picture and pencil/marker. Mark the outline of the image on the cardboard. Use ruler to draw your frame inwards 1 centimeter from the outline in all sides. Then, draw lines outwards 3 centimeters, again, from the outline in four sides. Delicately, cut along the lines to finally have your frame.

diy mosaic frame

Place your cut-out frame on the center of the fabric. You can choose any color for the fabric. Use a strong glue to secure the frame. Cut the excess fabric, especially in the middle. Leave about 3 centimeters to totally cover up the frame. Use glue to secure them in place.

diy mosaic frame

Prepare the CD and scissors. Cut the CD into small and large pieces depending on your preferences. Be cautious with the sharp pieces. Then, carefully place them one by one on the frame. If you are satisfied with your arrangement, glue them on place. Clean the frame using a thin brush.

diy mosaic frame

For the final touch, place the picture in the frame. Presto! A DIY mosaic frame from recycled materials.

Watch in Details How it is Done

If you have a bigger picture, you can modify the measurements and add more CDs depending on your desire.

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