How to make a DIY Dream Catcher

Have a beautiful dream tonight with DIY dreamcatcher. You can give it as present to someone special or to a child.

Dreamcatchers are a great looking decoration for your home. Its structure and appearance reminds everyone of Native American cultures. Centuries ago, dreamcatchers were used, literally, to catch the dreams of sleeping children. It filters the dreams and allow only good ones to enter the person's mind.  The bad dreams trapped on its web disappear with the light of day. The beads and feathers at the end of the dreamcatcher were considered sacred as they serve as the path of good dreams toward the sleeping person.

In this tutorial, you will be creating your own dreamcatcher that you can give to someone very close to you.

You need:

  • craft ring
  • strings (various colors)
  • feather
  • beads
  • scissors

First, wrap the brown string around the craft ring. You can have black, blue or any dark color as alternative. It is up to you how you do the wrapping. You can do it tight together or leaving a few gaps. Cautiously and securely, cover the entire ring.Diy dreamcatcher

Get another colored string for the middle part of the dreamcatcher. Tie the start of the string to the ring and pull it across and around the ring, then thread it back through. Ensure the strings are tightly placed. Repeat the process around the ring to create a circle within it. There are different ways to make a pattern in the middle. You can have your own style as long as the web-like design is achieved.

Diy dreamcatcher

Once you are finished with the first set of circle of strings, you now have to work on the second set. Use the same method but instead of around the ring, you work on the first set of strings. At first, you may not achieve the desired design but do not give up, it make take a few attempts before mastering this step. Make more circles until you have reached the middle and secure the end with a knot or a bead.

Diy dreamcatcher

Start attaching the feathers at the bottom of the ring using strings. Tie the other end on the feather and the other end on the ring. To make your dreamcatcher more appealing, attach some lovely beads in the center. You can put any decoration you want on your dreamcatcher, just don’t overdo it.

Diy dreamcatcher

This is a great gift for someone very close to you. Give them good dreams to ponder on the next day.

Watch How it is Done

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Fred Summers
8 years ago

You make this project look so easy. This looks like a great summer project to do with kids. There is something so fun and beautiful about a dream catcher. This looks fairly inexpensive to make too which is always a plus.

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