Clean Your House in 15 Minutes a Day

house cleaning schedule
Here's a solution for those who love a clean house, but dread cleaning day…

Instead of planning a marathon day of cleaning every week or two, start setting aside 15 minutes a day for cleaning. Even better…delegate some of your cleaning chores to your children! I'll be happy to teach you how to make a chore chart!

Doesn't 15 minutes a day sound better than spending half your Saturday cleaning or going crazy the day of your party to make the house look perfect? The key is to make a house cleaning schedule, so that every room in your house will be cleaned every 2 weeks.

If you tackle one room each day or one task each day, you'll never feel like a maid again! Here's a suggested house cleaning schedule to get you started, just customize it for your house and let the cleaning begin!

  • Monday: run the dust mop under all furniture, beds, etc.
  • Tuesday: vacuum downstairs
  • Wednesday: vacuum upstairs
  • Thursday: mop kitchen, bathroom and foyer
  • Friday: clean 1 bathroom (the tub, the shower, the toilet, the sink, the counters)
  • Saturday: clean 1 bathroom (the tub, the shower, the toilet, the sink, the counters)
  • Monday: vacuum high traffic areas (high traffic areas usually need to be vacuumed once a week)
  • Tuesday: dust living room, den and dining room (don't forget to dust the baseboards and blinds or shutters)
  • Wednesday: dust bedrooms (don't forget the baseboards, blinds or shutters)
  • Thursday: extra job (this is a cleaning job that only needs to be done every once and a while like dusting ceiling fans or cleaning out the refrigerator)
  • Friday: clean kitchen (the stove, the sink, dust, clean counters)
  • Saturday: sweep porch and wipe off porch furniture

That's it…once you've completed the first 2 week cycle, your house will always feel clean! Certainly we can all find 15 minutes in our busy day!


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10 years ago

Hi, I know this is way after the fact, but I was reminded of this article when Kat at Corporette reposted it. So, just wanted to say this was very helpful! So simple and so effective. Apparently I was losing a good chunk of “Ok, yikes, where do I start?” time. Thanks again!

Anne @ GreenEggs&Moms
12 years ago

15 minutes a day sounds much better – not to mention doable. I love it when we can break down things to make it seem less daunting. Great tip!

Carla Karam
12 years ago

I was just looking at my house and feeling overwhelmed… and then I read your post. Is it truly this simple? If it is I feel like a complete idiot! LOL!! Thank you, you made me feel better and less of a maid. 😉

12 years ago

I will give your schedule a try since I really hate cleaning!!! I think I could handle this though. I will let you know how it goes! Thanks! I always love to visit your great site!

12 years ago

This is exactly what I believe.
There’s an app called Motivation Moms in the app store for iphone and it really tells you what to clean each day and assign things to people …EVERYDAY! check it out…

Kimberly@Five Little Chefs
12 years ago

I LOVE doing a little a day. I have finally convinced my kids that a few minutes of cleaning at the end of the day REALLY helps the overall look and feel of the home. I love this quote, “we’re in the business of raising responsible, hard working children.” That is exactly what I am trying to do!

12 years ago

I recently, like just in the last two weeks, started doing this. But. if I want to go out and do anything during the day, I lose those 15 minutes and find myself spending a whole day catching up! I’m still working on mastering it 😉

12 years ago

I am a full time online college student, wife, and grandmother so I have very limited time to get the cleaning done. I use the 15 minute rule too. I decide what my cleaning tasks are for the day and, on my study breaks, I set a timer for 15 minutes and race the timer to see how much I can get done – or I turn on a fun CD and see how much I can do in three songs. I HATE to dust so this is a fun way to get it done in 15 minutes breaks and it makes things seem easy. I also bought white washcloths for my cleaning and dusting so they dont get mixed up with bath cloths. Makes it easy too when I hand clean the floors so I never have to put a dirty rag back in the mop water…use one, next…… Read more »

Kim @ Incandescent Blue Flame
13 years ago

Brilliant! Thank you for making “my” personal chore chart! I’m going to print this out and add it to my Google Calendar! Reminders and all!

from the SITS Girls/ 31DBBB and KludgyMom SU thread

Nicole Rivera
13 years ago

OK Kristi, I will admit it here: I am one of those “binge cleaners” I destroy myself for a day (or two) cleaning everything top to bottom and then feel sucked dry by the end of it. I then, nurse myself back to life, proud for a day only to then get angry at every dust bunny, splashed sink and spill on my stove. U REFUSE to clean again, because I feel as though it has to be an EPIC cleaning every time. It is a vicious cycle and it really only allows for one day of feeling happiness about the end product! I like your plan! I am going to try it. I am also going to tie it into another tip I heard – listen to an audiobook while cleaning. The rule is that you can ONLY listen to it during the cleaning! If it is a good… Read more »

Brenna @ Almost All The Truth
13 years ago

15 minutes of cleaning a day sounds good to me! I’ll have to give your schedule a try. 🙂

chicks dig coupons
13 years ago

Great post! I am always looking for fabulous tips on cleaning!


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