Take Advantage of Your Lifetime Warranty

organize warranty papers
Do you know where your warranty papers are?

Do you have a system for saving receipts and instructions books?

If not…you're wasting time and money!

Unfortunately, most companies that offer a lifetime warranty require your original receipt which requires you to have a super-organized filing system!

We live in a throwaway society, a society that throws things away when they are broken rather than fixing them or looking up warranty details. The next time something is broken, The Budget Diet girl has two simple rules:

  1. Look for your warranty papers or look up the company online to find out their warranty policy. Our Tervis Tumblers were a gift, so I did not have any warranty papers, but a quick visit to their website was all it took to find out the simple details of their lifetime warranty.

  3. If you strike out on the warranty, take a moment to call a repair shop or search the internet for repair solutions before you decide on replacement. Don't always assume that you have to replace the item.

Just this month, I've saved hundreds of dollars by taking the time to repair or by taking advantage of a warranty…

  • Tervis Tumbler Company has the best lifetime warranty – Four of our Tervis Tumblers had hairline cracks in the top, so I simply mailed them back, and I'll be receiving four new ones soon. I didn't even need my original receipt!
  • Arbor – Our metal arbor had rusted and would know longer stand, but a quick trip to Home Depot yielded great repair advice! I spent $7 on the supplies, my teenage son spent 15 minutes doing the repair, and we saved $200 (the cost of a new arbor)! Even better…the sense of accomplishment that my son felt after doing the repair!
  • Broken Toilet Handle – My husband is not Mr. Fix It, and neither am I! We are both challenged when it comes to fixing things, but I promise…if we can repair a broken toilet handle, so can you! The internet is full of simple toilet repair videos. Plumbing charges have skyrocketed, so put on your plumber pants and do it yourself!
  • Super Glue – Don't underestimate the power of super glue! Just this month, I've used super glue to repair of broken ceramic vase and a cabinet knob…they both look as good as new!


The moral of this money saving lesson?

Get your warranty papers organized, and make sure the warranties that come with your Christmas gifts don't get thrown away in the trash!

Get into the diy mode…you'll be proud of your accomplishment and thrilled with your savings!


Image courtesy of jscreationzs / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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