6 Brilliant Dollar Store Finds You Need to Know About

Those who are trying to save money often shop at discount stores, and that includes local “dollar stores.” If you think these stores hold nothing but junk, today's post will be a great eye-opener for you. Check out our favorite dollar store finds that every frugal individual should know about!

1. Crates and Baskets

dollar store crates

Are you ready to do a little spring cleaning or have you committed to being more organized? Then you need to check out your local dollar store's selection of crates and baskets. The brilliant teacher over at Shop Teach Georgia Peach organized her entire classroom library using dollar store crates, and the result was adorable! These can be used for under-the-sink storage, laundry room shelf organizers, and a ton of other projects.

2. Silver Trays

spring mantels

Most dollar stores will have a selection of silver trays that are meant for serving food or something similar. However, the genius minds of frugal people have turned these cheap silver trays into an essential building block for a variety of home projects. Check out the gorgeous spring garland project featured at 52 Mantels; the creator used dollar store trays and chalkboard paint to create clever mini chalkboards.

3. Candle Holders

picture frame and message board

If you've ever wandered into your local dollar store, you've likely seen a variety of glass and wooden candle holders. If you weren't very impressed, that's ok – they're not much to look at all on their own. However, with a little paint and some creativity, they can become gorgeous home decor items. Glue decorative plates to them to create pretty platters, add moss balls on top to create elegant topiaries, or these adorable picture frame and message boards found at Southern Color!


4. Plastic Animals

animal jar tops

What in the world would you want with plastic animals, right? Well, don't dismiss this idea so quickly. If you love Anthropologie-style decor, you're going to love this idea. Simply find your favorite animal and grab one or two, then spray paint them whatever color you'd like. Gold spray paint is especially lovely for this particular idea. Using E-6000 glue, attach your animal to a thrift store plate and you've got a fun trinket dish. Paint two animals and glue them to wooden blocks and you have outstanding and unique book ends. You can also create these adorable jar tops found over at Toovia.


5. Glass Vases

hurricane jars

While those simple glass vases available at most dollar stores aren't special all on their own, when combined with the glass candle holders we talked about a little earlier, they can be pretty awesome. Check out the super cute DIY hurricane jars found at Rusted Treasure, all created from dollar store items.

6. Glass Bowls


While we're talking about adorable items made from glass pieces glued together, don't overlook the pretty glass bowls available at your local dollar store. When glued to a glass candle holder base, these become adorable compote bowls. They can be used as is, or with your favorite cloche to create a beautiful display piece. Check out the cute one featured at A Stroll Thru Life.

These are just a few of the pieces you can get super cheap to create awesome items or organize your home with. What are your favorite dollar store finds? Share them with us in the comments below!

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