5 Ways to Save Money on Prescription Drugs

save money on prescription drugs
You clip coupons to save money at the grocery.

You shop thrift stores and consignment shops to save money on clothes.

You shop around for the best rates on insurance, but you still pay full price for your prescriptions.

Never again!

You'll no longer be at the mercy of your doctor or pharmacist because The Budget Diet girl is going to teach you 5 Ways to Save Money on Prescription Drugs. It's a must-read even if you have insurance.

  1. Print Prescription Drug Coupons – It's just like printing coupons for groceries! Visit websites like InternetDrugCoupons.com, search for your medicine and print a coupon. These are manufacturers coupons that can be used along with your insurance.
  2. Ask for Samples – If your doctor is prescribing a new medication, and doesn't offer a free sample, speak up! It's always in your best interest to try before you buy.
  3. Avoid Combo Pills – Just as the name states, these pills combine more than one medication, but you're paying a price for convenience. For example, Lotrel is a blood pressure medicine that combines Amlodipine and Benazepril. Lotrel costs about $70, but you could save money on your prescription by buying Amlodipine for about $6 and Benazepril for about $6. It's important to always ask your doctor if there is a less expensive option.
  4. Consider Patient Assistance Programs – Pharmaceutical companies provide some free or discounted medications to low-income patients. Check out RxAssist.com to see if you're eligible.
  5. Buy in Bulk – If you're taking a prescription medication regularly, consider buying in bulk. You'll likely pay the same co-pay for a 120-day supply as you will for a 30-day supply. Of course, you'll need to ask your doctor to write the prescription for 120-days.

It really is possible to save money on prescription drugs, but the key is doing your research and talking to your doctor. If you don't ask, they might assume that money is no object!


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