5 Festive Halloween Party Snack Ideas

Appalling Appetizers: Five Festive Halloween Party Snack Ideas

The “trick” to creating the most festive Halloween party snacks is to plan “treats” that fit the party theme. Turn common foods into ghoulish delights and colorful, eerie designs. The more ghostly, ghastly and ghoulish, the better. Whether your spooky appetizers are for adults or children, everyone enjoys a table full of festive food, so get creative! Keep reading for a little inspiration for appetizers to serve at your next Halloween party that are devilishly delicious and cheaper than any store bought Halloween Party snack.


Witch’s Brew

Halloween party snack ideas

Halloween is one of the few times when you can use dry ice for something more than a science experiment. Whether you serve root beer, punch, or something stronger, you can turn a simple drink station in to a festive witch’s cauldron in a few easy steps. This recipe from My Recipes, appropriately named Brew-Ha-Ha punch takes the Halloween theme head-on with a bright green punch surrounded in frothy dry ice. If you really want to get creative, hollow out a pumpkin, place a bowl inside, and pour your drink of choice. Guests will be impressed with a fogging pumpkin for a drink dispenser.


Mummy Dogs

Halloween party snack ideas

For a snack that will thrill kids and adults alike, try a little twist on the classic pigs-in-a-blanket. These are a typical appetizer because of how easy they are to make, but it won’t take a lot of extra work to turn them from a regular appetizer to an adorable Halloween snack. With only three ingredients (cheese, hot dogs, and crescent dough), you’ll be able to whip up a plate of mummy dogs right before a big Halloween party. This video will show you the easy way to create this tasty snack in a hurry and wow guests with your Halloween spirit and creativity.


Witch’s Broomstick

Halloween party snack ideas

These adorable little finger snacks are the perfect precursor to any Halloween meal. With all the treats and candy that Halloween brings, this appetizer will balance the sugar by providing real food with creative presentation. With only a few ingredients, this recipe on Mom Foodie will give you the best description for assembly. The fun part about these snacks is that you can use a lot of variety in your ingredients depending on preference. Use your favorite cheeses, or even throw deli-sliced meat into the mix. Instead of using pretzels for the broomstick, try using crispy CheeseSticks for a little extra flavor. Get creative and personalize the edible brooms with your friends’ and family’s favorite ingredients.


Graveyard Dip

Halloween party snack ideas

Yes, dip is a staple at most parties, however, you don’t have to show up with a plain bag of chips and a store-bought bowl of dip. This themed dip from Better Homes and Gardens is all about presentation. Even better than plain old seven layer dip, Tombstone Taco dip is full of flavor and definitely in keeping with the Halloween theme. This is a crowd pleaser with the kids and parents—just make sure to make extra because it will go fast!


Vampire Fangs

Halloween party snack ideas

While you might want to stray away from food items that look like body parts, these little vampire fang apples will give all your party people a smile. Not only are they perfectly sweet, but they are easy to make, with only three ingredients. Apple slices, peanut butter, and marshmallows make for a delicious little appetizer or even a dessert at the end of the party. For assembly instructions, check out this recipe on Fancy Edibles.


You might see adorable and creative appetizers or desserts on Pinterest that require hours of slaving away in the kitchen, only to be devoured by party guests in a matter of seconds. However, these easy appetizers will help you create a fun Halloween theme without bending over backwards to put a tray together. Infuse your own personal preferences and favorite ingredients to the snacks above, and you’ll spend less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying the party.


written by: Dixie Somers

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