Summer Fashion Trends and How to Get the Look for Less

summer 2014 fashion essentials
The weather is warming up, and it's time to perk up your wardrobe.   Staying trendy and staying on budget are possible when you follow these rules:

1.  Add a few trendy pieces each season, but don't go for an entire wardrobe makeover. What's trendy this season could be out next year.

2.  Designer labels are not required.  You can always find a similar look for less.

3.  Never, ever leave the coupon code box blank!  Want coupon codes  and great offers  to popular online fashion retailers like 6 PM, Bebe and Boutique to You?  Thanks to , you'll never pay full price.

Now that you know how to get the look for less, what's are the fashion trends for summer 2014?

5 Summer 2014 Fashion Essentials


Pleats are the star of the season.  Whether you pick from the miniskirts category or love to flaunt the feminine side with long skirts, pleats cater to the entire range. So, if you are preparing for a formal event or hanging around with your girl friends, pleated skirts will be the best choice.



Florals have gone one step ahead with new textures and dimensions.  The embellished motifs on beautiful fabrics have been the talk of the runways. An amazing feminine trend this season, make sure that you have one in your wardrobe.


Crop Tops

Crop tops are ruling the fashion alleys, so get bold and expose some more skin…yikes!


Fringed Bags 

Fringed bags are everyone’s favorite this season. From Hale Berry to Olivia Wilde and Victoria Beckham to Eva Longoria, all have created style statements pairing them with boots or floral dresses. Wear it cross or simply hang it on your side, you will have the compliments rolling in.


Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

Your wardrobe is incomplete without the right footwear to team up with your trendy apparel collection. Platforms have undergone a dramatic change and cleat soles are the latest trend.  Pumps are also going strong in different hues of neon. However, if you prefer comfort then you can ditch the pumps and platforms for sneakers or flats. Seems, this summer, the fashionistas will have plenty of choices.


Now that you know what to buy, it's time to shop smart.  

Happy Shopping and Saving!


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