What’s Your New Year’s Resolution?

The gifts have all been opened, the Christmas parties are over,

Our thoughts have turned from Sugar Plums to tightening our belts…ugh!

If your New Year's Resolution has anything to do with saving money, frugal living or getting organized…you'll be happy to know that Resolution Week starts tomorrow on The Budget Diet! Each day, I'll give you a challenge that would make a great resolution!

Monday: Let's Go on a Budget Diet (A diet for your wallet…not your waistline!)

Tuesday: If you could share just one money saving tip, what would it be? (A collection of my favorite money saving tips!)

Wednesday: Cut your spending by $11 a day and save $4000 a year! (How easy is that?)

Thursday: Organize My Life in 10 Short Days (Time is money, so organize your life and save!)

Friday: Chore Chart (Have a chore lottery on New Year's Day and enjoy more free time!)

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