Budget Basics

Do you have a written household budget? Do you know budget basics? Do you need some budget tips? Do you need to save your money? Here’s your weekly challenge: get your budget out of your head & onto paper! It’s simple, just fill out this budget guide. Here’s how…just start filling in the blanks! (keep … Read more

Check Your Calendar!

Are you ready for your Weekly Challenge from The Budget Diet? It’s the beginning of the month, and that’s the perfect time to flip through your calendar and make notes of upcoming events…birthdays, anniversaries, parties, weddings, showers, vacations & more! If you plan ahead, you will save time and money. Now…with this advance notice, you … Read more

Try A Retro Budget!

How’s this for your weekly challenge…take a look at your budget from 1990. You’ll find that it’s a good lesson in need or want! Yes, we’ll consider 20 years ago “retro” for the purpose of this article! Let’s suppose that your 1990 budget is missing or maybe it really never existed! No worries…my 1990 budget … Read more

Find Money!

discounted gift cards for Christmas

Did you know the average American household has $300 in unwanted gift cards sitting around? Giving gift cards has become a common practice, but we often receive gift cards to stores we would never shop. Here’s your challenge for the week… Check your drawers, wallet & purse for unwanted gift cards (both new and partially … Read more

Clean Out & Make Money!

Weekly Challenge – Clean Out and Make Money! This week commit to clean out one room, one closet, one bookshelf or one cabinet each week…mark it on your calendar, delegate & get started! Your “plan” will be done in one day, and the project will be broken up into “bite size” pieces, so you’ll avoid … Read more

Electronic Free Day!

Weekly Challenge – A Day Without Electricity Lent…’tis the season of sacrifice, and our priest had a challenge for us…give up electronics for one week (unless required for school or business). I’m thinking this could be tough, but it could also be a great source of family fun! So… Why don’t you and your family … Read more