Thrift Store Treasures

If you're not a thrift store or garage sale shopper, let this article be your inspiration! I promise, once you find your first treasure…you'll be hooked!

All of these items came from thrift stores or garage sales, and the one thing they have in common is a bargain price!

goodwill treasures
If I had to pick my favorite thrift store treasure, this Coach purse would be it! This was actually a Goodwill treasure for just $40, and it retails new for $498! I'm not going to promise that you'll find a Coach Purse on your first thrift store outing, but if you begin to frequent thrift stores you'll soon have some treasures to brag about!
thrift store treasures
If you saw this candelabra in my living room, would you think that I bought it at a garage sale for $2? Didn't think so! Remember, nobody will know where you shop unless you tell them.
bargain hunter
I love my stained glass window, and if you've seen these at fancy antique stores, you know they cost hundreds of dollars. Well, mine has a small crack which made it an affordable $25!
garage sale tips
I didn't go looking for something like this at the garage sale, but as soon as I saw it, I knew I had the perfect place for it! My $5 treasure sits prominently on a stack of books on the coffee table in my living room, and I think he looks like a million bucks!
thrift store treasures
Nice men's clothes abound at thrift stores. My teenage boys always seem to be able to find nearly new shirts, shorts, pants and sport coats at thrift stores. Over Christmas break, my son found this Tommy Hilfiger shirt and a Brooks Brothers shirt at a thrift store for only $5 – no signs of wear, no stains & just dry cleaned!

My tips for discovering thrift store or garage sale treasures:

  1. Don't go looking for a specific item because chances are you won't find it!
  2. Use your imagination – Could that beat up piece of furniture be painted or could you give that lamp a new life with a different lampshade?
  3. Get in the habit of making frequent trips to your favorite thrift stores because the best treasures are snapped up quickly by bargain hunters!
  4. Shop Garage Sales early – yes, the early bird really does get the worm!
  5. Imperfections add character – don't shy away from a dining room table because of a small scratch!

Please leave a comment to share your favorite thrift store or garage sale treasures…it's your chance to brag all you bargain hunters!

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11 years ago

My best finds : a $5 iron bed ( I made an offer after the auctioneer forgot to sell it) . At Goodwill an American Girl doll for $2 and older Scandinavian decor that my family loves as gifts, I pay less than shipping price from a catalog. Also I sell at restyle clothing stores and bought Sorel snowboots for $15.

12 years ago

This is such fantastic advice. I’ve never been one for shopping at thrift stores but as I was reading this I was realizing that over the years I’ve donated a TON of really nice stuff to thrift stores. Including expensive furniture, clothing, and purses. Why am I not shopping for my own treasures there? Thanks for opening my eyes to a frugal, yet potentially awesome shopping experience. πŸ™‚


12 years ago

I LOVE finding treasures this way… is the best thrill–and it’s so random in nature—that aspect makes the hunt exciting. I found an amazing 4 ft by 5 ft piece of modern art for $20…..that looks like it’s worth thousands! Thanks for sharing.

12 years ago

What great finds! I wish I had more time to hunt around for things – I so love doing that! Will be able to when the kids are a little older:)
I once found a leather-bound, very early edition of The Merchant of Venice in a box of old books at a big antiques warehouse – it was only a couple of dollars – bargain:)
Thanks for sharing your treasures,

12 years ago

The Coach bag was a major score!! I’ve never gotten that lucky but I have gotten a few really cute nearly new things for my daughter at a nearby children’s consignment shop. I found a great purple London Fog raincoat for 5 and a Ralph Lauren dress, again nearly new for 5. I love garage sales for old vases, tea cups and tea pots. They make great gifts when combined with a flower arrangement. I love your finds!! Very impressive! I love your site, thanks!

12 years ago

I’m amazed at your creativity.

12 years ago

I have never been a thrift or garage sale shopper. I have to admit, I WISH I did. Because I have seen so many blogs with such interesting and CUTE furniture, and decor, and when I learn it was at a thrift shop or garage sale, I’m like I just have to try that out! Someday! πŸ™‚ Someday soon I hope.. πŸ™‚

Linda Brown
12 years ago

I LOVE thrift stores !!! I have purchased clothing and housewares for pennies on the dollar. It is so exciting to shop at these stores because you never know what you will find. I love to purchase “semi” distressed items and jazz them to my taste πŸ™‚

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