Five Ideas for Affordable Window Treatments (that Actually Look Nice)

These  5 Simple Window Treatments will inspire you with ideas that won't break your budget

Homeowners often think that they only have two choices when it comes to home décor—affordable or attractive. However, with a little creativity, you can achieve both. When it comes to window treatments, homeowners mistakenly think that they either have to splurge for fancy drapes and curtains, or stick with plain Jane styles that are more affordable. Luckily, it isn’t so black and white. Take a look at a few options for affordable window treatments that actually look nice:

Don't Panic, It's Organic!

With all of the momentum behind the “Green Movement” nowadays, it only makes sense that there are now organic window treatments. Bamboo blinds (or blinds of a similarly natural material) are a hot item right now, and with good reason—they're very versatile, and in the scheme of things, surprisingly affordable. Use them as stand-alone items for an eco-friendly twist on minimalism, or layer them for a more elaborately textured look. Regarding budget, standard size organic window treatments like these can be found at any chain home improvement store, but be prepared to pay a little extra for the extra coverage demanded by bay or picture windows.

Film Studies

For those in the market for window treatments suitable for use with more intricate windows, it can sometimes be hard to find the right balance between chic and cash-sucking. Most of the time, your choices amount to paying a ton for a custom job, gambling on a so-called bargain option, or simply going without. What many folks don't know, however, is that there's another option. Enter window film! Modern window films make great treatments. They couldn't be easier to install (just press and stick!), you can cut them to fit just about any window type, orientation, or design. Plus the selection of patterns, designs, colors, and so on is simply staggering. Better still, these things come in rolls, which means you can pick up modern window films for great bulk rates.

Your Drapes: The Sequel

One of the simplest ways to end up with window treatments that you (and your company) will love to bits is simply to breathe new life into the curtains or drapes you already own. The clean lines and classic beauty of quality drapes will only be accentuated once some aesthetically pleasing trim has been applied. There are a lot of options to choose from—ribbon, lace, various complimentary and/or contrasting fabrics, beads, and the like are just a few of the design possibilities available here. As for the cost, you can't get much cheaper than this. The curtains are free (you already own them!), and the various bits and bobs you end up applying to them can be sourced for a song at any store, flea market, or even one's own attic.

What's the Buzz?

Another nod to the minimalist and eco-friendly segments of the DIY population, cellular blinds, or as they're sometimes known, honeycomb blinds, are a sleek, simple window treatment that stands just fine on its own. As an aside, not only do these blinds look great and tread lightly on your wallet in the process, they also provide a heightened measure of energy efficiency due to their increased capacity for insulation when compared to regular blinds and other window treatments. The window treatment professionals at suggest that you look for styles that let in natural light, but also protect your home from the sun in order to keep energy bills low.


Want to really unleash that dormant hippie vibe? As it happens, you can make a world of difference in your window's profile and perception simply by subbing in a few surprising alternatives to standard window treatments—table cloths, sheets, and even shower curtains are all contenders. Why? Because they're available in a dizzying array of styles, and they're virtually all dirt cheap. If you want your windows to scream bohemianism while remaining firmly within your budget, this is how you make it happen.

Window treatments can breathe new life into a home with a minimum expense or DIY-related fuss. The cherry on top is that with this handy guide at your disposal, bringing all the windows in your home from faded to fab should be a snap. Now you won’t be forced to choose between attractive and affordable—you can now achieve both!

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