The Ultimate List of Cheap Date Night Ideas

list of cheap date night ideas
Are you stuck in a rut when it comes to going out?

Do you and your husband always opt to stay home and watch a movie or is your date night nonexistent thanks to a lack of funds?

Date night is important in a relationship, and it doesn't have to be a budget buster week after week.

It's a New Year, and it's time to try new things.

The Budget Diet girl has put together a list of 27 cheap date night ideas, so when Friday night rolls around…look at the list and try something new. Why don't you plan date night one week, and let your husband plan the next week.

Revisit Your Wedding Album
Cozy up by the fireplace and rekindle the flame as you look though your wedding album! How’s that for a FREE DATE NIGHT!

Dine In, Not Out
Cook a nice dinner together and don’t forget the candlelight! Try a new recipe or recreate a meal you saw on Food Network.

Take a Scenic Drive
My all time favorite date with my husband was when we took a scenic drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Hiking, picnics and sunsets…how romantic is that?

Walk on the Beach
If you live in a warm climate, and you’re near the beach – take a walk, hold hands, collect shells and enjoy a glass of wine.

Take a Walk
Find a nearby nature trail or just take a walk through your neighborhood.

Ride Bikes
Go exploring on a long bike ride and take time to stop along the way. We love to go on long bike rides along the coast, stopping to take a dip in the ocean and sometimes stopping for a dip of ice cream.

Watch a High School Football Game
Perfect for sports lovers!

Enjoy a High School Theatre Performance
If your town has a High School for Performing Arts, I promise you'll be impressed! High School musical theatre is a great way to enjoy a performance for a fraction of the cost.

Do a Wine Tasting at Home
Ask your local wine store to recommend a few cheap wines then cover the bottles in brown paper bags, taste and rate. You just might discover a new favorite cheap wine! Don’t forget to pick up a nice loaf of French bread from the bakery and a couple of deli cheeses.

Try a Beer Tasting Night
Just like wine tasting, but for the beer lover!

Try Couples Massage
If you’re looking for a cheap date, the $200 couples massage at the local spa is most likely out of the question, but a massage at home can be much more romantic! Check out an instructional book or watch an instructional You Tube video together, take turns giving each other a massage and RELAX!

Enjoy Movie Night at Home
There’s nothing wrong with curling up together on the sofa with a warm snuggly blanket and watching a romantic movie! My personal favorite? Love Actually!

Have Puzzle Time
Tackle a puzzle together by the fire & enjoy hot chocolate.

Free Museum Admission
If you have a Bank of America credit card, check card or ATM card, you can enjoy FREE ADMISSION to more than 150 museums, zoos and botanical gardens the first weekend of every month.

Wii Night
Challenge your spouse to Wii sports like bowling or golf!

Game Night
Feeling competitive? Plan a game night, and the winner gets to choose next week's cheap date night.

Host a Dinner Party
Just a simple dinner party with another couple and ask them to bring dessert. Think about playing a game after dinner.

Try Free Events
Do a quick internet search for “free events in _______”, and you'll likely find plenty of free activities to choose from. Maybe there's a free concert in the park or a free festival downtown.

Go to the Park
Every town has a park. Take a hike, have a picnic, swing and enjoy your free date night. If you have a National Park nearby, take advantage of the National Park free admission days in 2015.

Spend Time at the Library
It's always fun to spend a little time browsing at Barnes and Noble, but you usually end up spending a little money too. Instead of hanging out at Barnes and Noble, hang out at your local library. Be sure to check out their events page to see what’s happening during the month.

Go Camping
Even if it's in your own backyard! There's something romantic about sleeping under the stars.

Build a Fire
Have a fire pit? Build a fire, roast marshmallows, enjoy s'mores and stargaze.

Scour the Web for Deals
Travelzoo, Groupon and Living Social are great sites to find deals on activities and restaurants in your area. I recently found half price Zoo tickets and half price tickets for a Ghost Tour…now that's something different!

Go Apple Picking or Berry Picking
Spend the afternoon picking apples or berries, and go home and bake a pie!

Take a Free Tour
Do a quick internet search to find free tours in your area. Maybe there's an ice cream factory or a winery nearby with free (or cheap) tours and tastings.

Shop at a Flea Market
Who doesn’t love to shop? And shopping loves company. Head out to your town’s flea market, set a dollar limit and hunt for treasures together.

Have a Taste Test
Find your favorite frozen pizza by doing a blind taste test of a few different brands. Of course, you could do the taste test with just about any food…how about ice cream next week?

Change it up, have fun, have a cheap date night!

Please leave a comment to share your favorite cheap date night ideas.


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