The Anti-Shopping List

the anti shopping list

One of my favorite frugal living tidbits of wisdom is, “use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without.” Wise words to live by, but this anti-shopping list created by Becky at is your new frugal living checklist. Print it out, put it in your wallet and look at it before making any purchases. Consider the anti-shopping list your frugal subconscience making an appearance each time you pick up something on a store shelf or do a double-take walking by a store window. Keep in mind that all criteria on the list won't apply to every purchase, but believe me, there are enough items on the anti-shopping list to make you think twice before making any purchase.

Let's suppose you're in T.J. Maxx, and you see a great (and very tempting) deal on a designer dress. Now let's put the anti-shopping list to work…

  1. Since the terms “recycle” and “upcycle” don't really apply to dresses…we'll skip the first two.
  2. (skip)
  3. Could you borrow a designer dress? Of course, and it makes perfect sense when you need an outfit for a special occasion that you may only wear once. Find a friend that wears the same size and imagine how quickly your wardrobe will be expanded when you borrow from each other! It's like rummaging through your pretend twin sister's closet…oh what fun!
  4. Could you salvage a designer dress? Another term that doesn't really apply to a dress unless you're into dumpster diving.
  5. Could you repair a designer dress? Oh yes you can! Think “alter” rather than “repair”. Let's talk hemlines, which seem to go up and down depending on the decade. Recently, I've turned two mid-calf dresses into super-cute and trendy mini-dresses. Always shop your closet first, and remember if you can iron, you can hem using Stitch Witchery!
  6. Could you do without a designer dress? Ahhh…the ultimate question! Before making any purchase, it's important to ask yourself if it's a need or a want. If it's a want, and you can't afford it…do without!
  7. Could you buy a designer dress second hand? Yes, yes, yes! Designer dresses are always in abundance at thrift stores and consignment stores simply because many women won't wear a special occasion dress twice. The Budget Diet girl's best tip for buying second hand is…shop thrift and consignment stores in fancy parts of town. I recently bought a brand-new designer dress at a consignment store for $100, and the original price tag of $1100 was still on it…a stunning steal!
  8. Could you create a designer dress? If you're a really good seamstess!
  9. Could you swap a designer dress? Swap parties are always a fun frugal event. If you're in a large organization of women (like a church group), and need a fun activity…consider hosting a Swap Party. The basic idea is you come with an item you no longer want and you leave with an item you do want. Intrigued? Read my article on How to Host a Swap Party.
  10. Could you grow a designer dress? No.

Now that you've gone through the anti-shopping list, will you or won't you buy the dress? Please leave a comment to let me know because I am oh, so curious to know if the anti-shopping list will help persuade you to back away from the checkout line.

Happy Anti-Shopping and Saving!

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