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Do you know a frugal diva? She could be your neighbor, but you'd never know because she has secrets! It's time to reveal her frugal living tips…a.k.a. “secrets”.

Her home looks like it came out of the pages of House Beautiful, but she's a frugal diva.

Her secret?

The frugal diva decorates with flea market treasures, spray paints tired old pieces to give them new life and doesn't hesitate to bargain with a shop owner.

She's oh so fashionable but frugal too.

Her secret?

The frugal diva shops consignment and thrift stores, and she always makes friends with the owner. Those friendships will pay off in the form of a phone call whenever an amazing outfit in your size arrives…first dibs for you!

Her parties would make Martha Stewart proud, and she does it all on a tight budget.

Her secret?

Skip the caterer, skip the prepackaged themed decorations and do-it-yourself! Pinterest is an amazing resource for recipes, homemade party decorations and more.

She has sets of dishes for every season!

Her secret?

Garage sales…snatch them up even if it's not a complete set.

She carries a beautiful Coach purse, but she only paid $40 for it.

Her secret?

She saw it sitting on the shelf at Goodwill, scuffed beyond recognition, but she knew a trip to the shoe repair would unveil it's true beauty!

She lives the country club lifestyle…massages, manicures and lunches out.

Her secret?

She has quite a few! Her massages are done at the local massage therapy school for only $20, and she frequently finds salon deals on Groupon (Find Today's Daily Deal on Your City's Best Things To Do at!) and lunch deals on

If you ask, she'll tell you that she never pays full price for anything!

Her secrets?

She has two! #1. Her wallet is loaded with discounted gift cards. Just last week she bought a Bath & Body Works gift card for 15% off! Buy Discounted Gift Cards For Up To 30% Off at! #2. She earns cash back on her online purchases, and she always has a coupon code because she uses – should always be your first stop when shopping online!

Do you know a frugal diva?

Learn her frugal living tips (“secrets”), copy her shopping habits and proudly wear the frugal diva tiara!




In full disclosure, this post contains affiliate links to help support The Budget Diet girl! My advice will always be unbiased and free, but free won’t pay the bills! Thanks!

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Real Army of Moms
11 years ago

I din not know about Plastic Jungle. I have to check it out!

11 years ago

I am definitely a frugal diva! I don’t think I have ever paid full price for anything!

Perspective Parenting
11 years ago

Brilliant! I need more frugal divas in my life!!

The Detox Diva
11 years ago

LOVE this post as I too try to learn to live as fashionably as I once did (champagne tastes) and still maintain a semblance of a budget…. This gives me hope that everything is possible.

Pamela R
11 years ago

I know a few and am a FD in training =)

Family Travels on a Budget
11 years ago

Woo hoo!!!! I’m a frugal diva!!! I consider it my “job” to maximize every penny of my husband’s income so that his hard efforts day in and day out do not go to waste! He works hard to provide for us. It only makes sense that I treat that gift of his life and time with the respect it deserves.

My tip: When a restaurant offers bonus gift cards with purchase (happens a lot in the fall and winter), we purchase gift cards BEFORE we sit down to eat. We pay for that meal with the purchased cards and tuck the bonus card away for the next visit! 🙂

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