Swimming in the Gulf? How To Remove Oil Stains From Your Bathing Suit!

How to remove oil stains – get oil stains out!

Pensacola Beach is almost perfect…clear blue water, soft white sand & blobs of oil!

We were having a wonderful time riding the waves, & we had no idea we were swimming in oil! The oil was not obvious until we got out of the water. That's when we noticed big brown oil stains on our skin and on our bathing suits.

My teenage son's bathing suit was the worst…it was black & white with a big brown oil stain smack on the rear end!

I used 2 different stain removers…no luck! How frustrating…especially since it was a brand new bathing suit!

Well…leave it to my mother to know how to get oil stains out! She sprayed goo-gone (yes, the stuff you use to get sticky labels off) on the oil stain, let it sit and then we used oxi-clean. AMAZING!

The moral of this story: If you happen to be visiting any of our gulf coast beaches, and your bathing suit has an encounter with the oil…never fear, goo-gone is here!

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Jen D
3 years ago

Thanks! My daughters brand new rash guard is saved!

12 years ago

I just Googled help on how to get tarball oil stains out of clothing and came across your article. Ironically, we just returned from Pensacola Beach two weeks ago and my boyfriend ended up with a big brown oil stain on the back of his white swimsuit, which I’m guessing was very similar to the stain your son had on his suit. Well, I just tried your mother’s stain removal trick and it worked like a charm. Thank you!!!

13 years ago

Sounds like your Mom needs a job with BP or the Government…if she can figure out that how to get oil out of clothes with goo-gone maybe she knows how to stop up the leak! Great tip!

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