Lovely DIY Choker Necklace

A DIY choker necklace is a lovely ladies' accessories for everyday use. Make one for yourself or to your BFF.A choker necklace is a stunning ladies' accessory for parties, special events or a stroll at the park. You can make it in various designs, colors and charms. In fact, you can have your own choker necklace which will surely catch the attention of your friends. You just these materials:

  • black stretch cord
  • scissors
  • book, binding clip
  • jump ring
  • charm

Black stretch cord is used in this tutorial, however you can choose any color you want. First, measure one and a half arm’s length of stretch cord (the length depends on your preferences). Cut it and fold the cord that the both ends meet. Then, the looped end is attached to the book with the binding clip. This is to hold the cord while you work.

Diy choker necklace

Second, take the right end, loop it through the left end and pull the cord all the way up. You now have the first loop. Repeat the process but this time the left end go through the right end to create the second loop. Pull it tightly to the top but not too much, it is just to secure the loops. So, that’s it! Right to the left, left to the right. Repeat the steps until you reached the desired length of the choker. If you are close to the end and it is a bit tight, then pull it towards you to let it flow smoothly.

Diy choker necklace

Before you stop weaving, make sure the choker fits around your neck. If you are satisfied, poke the one end into the looped end and knot a few times to secure the choker. Cut the excess cord if any. Another option to secure the necklace is to burn the ends, just be careful dealing with fire.

Diy choker necklace

Using pliers, open up the jump rings and put your charm in it. Find the middle of the choker and hook the charm. Again using pliers, close the ring. And you are finished! You made your own choker with a charm. Make them for personal use or you can sell them for a few bucks.

Diy choker necklace

Watch How it is Done

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