Spring Decorating on a Budget

With more sunshine and bursting buds just outside your windows your home is filled with spring decorating potential, and you’ll love these spring decorating ideas on a budget. Open the door, come on in and discover 8 easy and inexpensive decorating tips to brighten a room!
spring decorating on a budget

Move your Furniture

Decorating doesn’t always mean buying new furniture, it can be as simple as looking at your existing furnishings in a new light. Especially with the change of seasons where the home is less centered around the fireplace, and more centered around the outdoors. How's that for decorating on a budget – it's FREE!

Reuse the Fireplace

Why don’t you place a large silver or copper platter in your fireplace filled with pillar candles to brighten your room with a beautiful glow?

Spring Arrangements

Make use of some of your branches by spray painting and arranging them in a large floor vase. You can paint them white for a fresh spring look or any colour which takes your fancy, or matches your existing interior. Don't forget about filling your vases with flowers from your yard!

Accent Accessories

Updating just a few of the accessories in your home can be a good investment. A little shopping will yield big results!

For example, rather than investing in a whole kitchen make over, look at just upgrading the knobs or the handles on the cupboards.

How about new curtains in fresh spring colors, and you can then swap them each year with your heavy winter curtains for a new look. You can also do the same thing by stocking up on throw pillows in vibrant spring colours.

Brighten a room with simple accessories such as candles, vases of flowers and plants.

Even changing the photos in your photo frames around your home can give your decor a makeover, with little cost or effort.

Spring Decorating on a Budget

Feature Wall

Feature walls are a tried and tested interior design feature which may officially go in and out of style with the magazines, but will always remain an affordable and effective way to update the look of a room. Pick the wall – in any room – to which your eye is drawn first, and it is usually best to choose a wall which doesn’t have any windows or doors.. If you want to test the feature wall look, choose a paint colour just a few shades lighter than that of the rest of the room. Plus, rather than repainting your whole house, you should be able to do a feature wall with just one tin of paint.

Open Up Your Windows

You have probably already been tempted to throw open the windows and let in the warm breezes and fresh air but what is standing in the way of this spring sunshine? Your heavy winter curtains of course.

Removing your heavy curtains in spring and opt for sheer curtains for a fresh and floaty feel. You can even hunt down some ribbon and tie your sheers to the side, or twist silk flowers or muslin over the curtain rod for a no-sew spring valance.

Don’t Forget Spring Cleaning

As the possibilities for affordable spring decorating ideas abound, make sure you don’t forget about the spring cleaning portion of the refresh. Simply getting rid of the everyday clutter in your home and organising yourself and your family to keep your home de-cluttered, will make for a truly fresh spring feeling around your home.

Start at the Front Door

Make a welcoming entrance by repainting your front door or adding a new handle. Don’t forget flowers along the front path or on the porch to welcome your guests and spring into your home.

written by: Alban

Alban is a regular contributor in several personal finance blogs.

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