Mall Scavenger Hunt Party

mall scavenger hunt party ideas

A Mall Scavenger Hunt Party is perfect for teen girls!  It's as simple as picking teams (we had 3, 3 person teams chosen by a random drawing), setting the rules and sending them off with a Mall Scavenger Hunt List.

The only preparation was a 1 hour trip to the mall to come up with the scavenger hunt list, and I've already done that fun part for you!

These Mall Scavenger Hunt ideas should get you started…just make a quick trip to your mall to make sure you have the stores that I've listed in parentheses.

Mall Scavenger Hunt Party



  • The Mall Scavenger Hunt Party will last 2 hours with a break after the first hour for dinner.
  • Meet us at Sbarro or food court after 1 hour.  Every minute your team is late will cost you 1 point.
  • Every item is worth 1 point.
  • All team member must stay together, splitting up will result in a 5 point penalty each time.
  • No running.
  • You may not get more than 1 item from a store.
  • Be polite!
  • If you try something on, make sure to put it back!
  • Call or text us if you want answers to any questions or problems.
  • The team with the most points will get first choice for prizes!  The prizes are all scavenger hunt items that you'll be purchasing during the event.


Mall Scavenger Hunt List

In planning a planning a scavenger hunt, I divided the Mall Scavenger Hunt list into 3 categories: shop, seek, snap!

Shop:   you’ll have a total of $40 to buy these items, so spend it wisely!  Everything you purchase will become a prize at the end of the party, so purchase items you really like!

  • A chocolate bunny (Godiva, Dylan's Candy Bar)
  • A piece of jewelry with an Eiffel Tower on it.  If there’s an Eiffel Tower + other things…that’s fine! (Icing, Claires, Charming Charlies, Wet Seal)
  • Sunglasses from a store that starts with the letter “A” (Aeropostale)
  • Flavored lip gloss (Bath & Body Works)
  • Anything with a cat or dog on it.
  • ketchup packet

Seek: collect and bring these mall scavenger hunt items in your shopping bag!  I gave each team a reusable shopping bag & a small ziploc for the edible samples.

  • Lost receipt
  • A free sample of something cinnamon flavored (Cinnabon)
  • A Starbucks cup
  • A perfume sample (any department store or Bath & Body Works)
  • A straw with a wrapper that is not all white
  • A tiny ice cream sample spoon
  • A take-out food menu
  • Business cards
  • A mostly pink shopping bag (Victoria's Secret)
  • A French fry (you cannot buy it!)
  • Wedding registry printout (most department stores)
  • Chocolate sample
  • A hanger
  • Employee application
  • A piece of toilet paper
  • Birthday Card

Snap: use a cell phone camera to snap some photo of the following:

  • 3 stores in which the first letter is not capitalized
  • Have 1 member of your hunt party to put on a pair of high heels and take a picture.
  • A naked mannequin
  • A pink teddy bear
  • The fruitiest store in the local mall (Apple!)
  • 1 member of your team getting their eye make-up done
  • Toy store

At the end of the hunt, we returned home to tally the bonus points and enjoy cake. The team with the most points was given first choice of the items the girls shopped for, second place = second choice, third place = third choice. After this, the remaining items were given away in a drawing.

Best party ever according to my 13 year old daughter!

Please leave a comment to share your scavenger hunt ideas for a Mall Scavenger Hunt Party.


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5 years ago

We are planning to do this for our daughter’s 13th birthday, but we’re having dinner after the scavenger hunt. How long did just the scavenger hunt part last?

7 years ago

Thank you for sharing, these are great tips! My 13 yr old likes this idea but is concerned that she can’t be with all her guests if they are in teams. Any suggestions?

8 years ago

Used this to a *T* and had GREAT success!! (Did a LOT of research and strongly say that this was one of the best action plans for this type of event I found.) Tips: (1) Emphasize the rule about not to get more than 1 item from a store… So many rules to cover that I think they didn’t quite hear that one and one team ended up with 3 items from Justice which made them a bit short on points… All because they were too excited to listen closely. Perhaps print the rules on the list as a reminder). We broke up the Snap, Shop, and Seek categories… which ensured the girls touched base throughout the 2 hour period…more than just for dinner. Also, this allowed us to send them on different missions at the same time…so both teams weren’t following each other the entire hunt. (2) Emphasize that… Read more »

9 years ago

Going to do,this next month. Looking for some invitation ideas and some prize ideas at the end. I am not having them buy anything…..just photos.

9 years ago

Modern kids really likes such party types! Thank you for the article. Another variation I found useful is Photo Mall Scavenger Hunt

10 years ago

Thanks for the detailed instructions!! I am going to do this tonight as a party and up until I saw your website I wasnt sure how I was going to do it!!

Yvonne Stone
10 years ago

Did you have to tell the mall you were doing this? Also – did you leave the store names for the girls? or take them out? This is awesome!! Thanks!

stephanie Price
13 years ago

I have heard of these but never seen the instructions so thanks so much for sharing this idea! I can’t wait until my daughter is old enough to one of these!

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