How to Re-Do Dining Room Chairs

Here’s a simple, inexpensive and easy way to reupholster your dining room chairs and save money:

  • 1. Choose a fabric you like. Take a look at the fabric on the chair. Look for one with a similar thickness. Choose any color to compliment your décor. If you really want to save money look in your closets and consider fabrics you already have on hand, like a tablecloth, draperies or large fabric napkins. I chose fabric (from the fabric store) I had around the house from years ago. I had been using it as a table cloth on the breakfast nook table.

  • 2. Unscrew the cushion from the wooden chair. Turn the chair upside down and use a screwdriver to remove the cushion from the wooden frame. Keep the screws.

  • 3. Measure and cut the fabric. Pull the new fabric around the cushion. Determine how much fabric you will need. Decide if you would like to leave the old fabric on and just cover it, or if you would like to remove it. To keep it simple, I left the old fabric on and put the new fabric over the top.

  • 4. Staple the fabric to the seat cushion. Use a staple gun or hammer and short nails/tacks to hold the fabric in place. I used a staple gun on one side. Then, the opposite side, corners, and other two sides. Be sure to pull the fabric snuggly as you staple. Turn it right-side up and peek at the other side as you work and make adjustments to any rippling fabric before stapling. Cut any excess fabric while you are working. Cut the sides evenly after you finish reupholstering the chair. Be sure that the fabric is not covering up the holes for the screws.

  • 5. Clean the chair. Dust off the chair and shine the wood a bit with some wood cleaner and conditioner. If you are pregnant, you may want to skip the chemical cleaners and simply dust off and remove any dirt from the chair with soapy water. Thoroughly dry the wood. This is a good job for your little helpers.

  • 6. Secure the newly covered cushion to the cleaned wooden chair. Screw the cushions back onto the wooden chair. As you do so, loosely screw in each one before tightening, to be sure all screws slide back into the holes.

Presto! You have beautiful, newly upholstered dining room chairs!


written by: Carol Brooke

Carol Brooke, M.S., M.Ed., is an editor for Teaching Resource Center , a teacher store providing families and classrooms with inexpensive supplies for over 25 years.

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