Save Money On Car Repairs

Whew…this has been our month for car repairs, and I always feel like I'm at the mercy of the mechanic because I know absolutely nothing about cars!

Worry no more is your new “pal” when it comes to saving money on car repairs.

The folks at invited me to review their site, and I've come up with The Budget Diet girl's top 5 reasons RepairPal should be your first stop before calling the tow truck or heading to the auto shop!

    #1. You can get an estimate of the repair cost.
    Let's say it's time for a tune-up, go to, type in the make, model, year & your zip code to get an estimate of the cost along with a list of what's included in your tune-up. You'll be amazed how much the cost of a tune-up can vary! On my car, the 75,000 mile tune-up ranges from $308 -$467! This certainly prevents “surprises” and will help save your money when you go to pay your bill!


    #2. will let you know what questions to ask!
    You'll feel powerful when you go into the shop armed with knowledge!


    #3. Find a car repair shop.
    Example: you'd like to find an auto repair shop in the Houston area that specializes in convertible tops…RepairPal will find it!


    #4. Read reviews & ratings of repair shops.
    Let's suppose you've searched RepairPal & found the best price in your town for an oil change, now make sure to read the reviews & ratings of that shop!


    #5. Search for common problems associated with your particular vehicle.
    Example: Let's suppose my '98 Acura Integra is making a funny noise when I stop, if I go to RepairPal I might just discover that the noise is a common problem with my car, & I can go to the repair shop with a little self diagnosis!


Now…go out and tackle the daunting world of car repairs with everything you've learned from your pals at!

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