Reduce, Reuse and Save Money

Reduce, Reuse and Save…we've all heard it, some of us live it, but what does it really mean? Did you know if you make an effort to reduce waste, you'll be saving Mother Earth and saving money! Most earth friendly ideas are budget friendly.

Think about it…if you stopped buying a $5 case of bottled water each week and switched to a reusable water bottle, you'd save $20 a month and $240 a year!

According to the EPA, the average American school-age child throws away 67 pounds of lunch waste a year. With the population of kids in the US alone accounting for over 70 million, that’s over 4.6 billion pounds of waste that could be easily avoided by switching to reusable lunch containers.

When you think of a reusable lunch container, you probably think of using a lunch box instead of a brown bag. Well, switching from a brown bag is a good start, but let me introduce you to some great options, so you can kick the plastic baggie habit!

The folks at recently sent my teenage daughter a set of Bento Buddies, so she could kick the plastic baggie habit! She has one for her sandwich and three different sizes for snacks. Peanut Butter & Celery is her new favorite lunchtime snack that was made possible by her Bento Box lunch kit! Just imagine peanut butter and celery in a plasic baggie…messy!

Think of the savings with your Bento Buddies lunch kit…

You can buy a big jar of applesauce rather than overspending on those little containers.

Say goodbye to the overpriced individual bags of chips and crackers, and say hello to your Bento Buddie medium sized container!

No need for expensive individual containers of salad dressing because you can easily pack dressings and dips for healthy salads and veggies in the Bento Buddie small container.

Of course, you won't need to buy those little plastic baggies every month!

If you make an effort, you'll discover there really are reuseables for every area of your live.

Reduce, Reuse and SAVE MONEY!

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