Oscar Party

If you feel the need to always host a lavish, over-the-top party, you’ll probably only do it once a year. What fun is that? Isn’t the purpose of a party to get together with friends?

frugal Oscar party ideas

It’s time to start entertaining more and spending less, so let’s get this party started by hosting a frugal and fab, impromptu and inexpensive Oscar party!

Here's the party plan:

  1. Call & invite some friends over to watch the Oscars.
  2. Serve typical movie snacks: popcorn, sodas & candy
  3. Find a printable Oscar ballot online, and make copies for your guests.
  4. Have your guests fill out a ballot before the Oscars begin (this is a great conversation starter), and buy a $20 movie theater gift card for the person with the most correct!

Have fun!

Check out The Full Article I wrote on Oscar Parties for CouponsDaily.com.

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