Organize My Life…Artwork Overload! 5 Ideas for Displaying Kids Artwork

Weekly Challenge – Organize Kids Artwork!

If you're a mom with little kids, you know exactly what I'm talking about when I say “artwork overload”!

Your kitchen counter is piled high with preschool artwork, but you just can't throw any of  it away.  Here's a solution…create an art gallery in a hallway, laundry room or any room that needs to be “cheered up”.

Option #1: Inexpensive Frames
Use inexpensive frames for your gallery! Frames from Michael's cost about $5 with a coupon. Mom will have to be in charge of rotating the artwork.

Option #2: Mount on Black Poster Board
Mount all artwork on black poster board for an inexpensive professional look. This option also requires Mom to do the mounting and rotating of the artwork.

Option #3: Magnetic Primer
Paint magnetic primer on a wall followed by your favorite paint color. Guess what? This entire wall is a giant magnetic board with room for lots and lots of artwork! This option also allows your children to hang their own artwork.

Option #4: Clothes Pins & A Rope
Secure the ends of a rope to the wall and use clothes pins to attach artwork. Another easy option for your children to take charge of!

Option #5: Grandparents Gallery
Get in the habit of sending artwork to grandparents (especially around the holidays) to brighten their home and put a smile on their face!

Now…go brighten up a room or hallway in your home this week!

If you have a clever solution to artwork overload that you'd like to share…please click on the title of this article to leave a comment. Thanks!

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stephanie Price
13 years ago

Love your tips for art work and felt proud that I had already
> incorporated the “clothes line” method, but loved the magnetic wall
> paint idea too. Taking pictures of the art work and scrapbooking it
> is
> also another way to display and “get rid of” the masterpieces (but I
> can never seem to throw anything out…so I end up with twice as
> much). Also, if your family lives locally your child and a few
> friends
> can host an “art show” and sell their masterpieces to grandparents
> and
> favorite aunts and uncles!

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