45 DIY Fun Summer Projects to do with your Kids


Summer is almost upon us! School is down to its last weeks and kids will soon rejoice their summer freedom. If your kids are anything like mine they start getting bored pretty quickly as the novelty of Summer wears off. Keep them busy with these amazing and super easy DIY projects. Not only you get to have quality time with them, but they will learn and have a great time.

Even if you plan for a “staycation” this Summer these DIY ideas will surely keep them entertained.

1. Paper Dream Catchers

diy dream catchers

Let these paper dream catchers provide kids wonderful dreams for a good night sleep. Click here on how to make one.

2. DIY Mermaid Tail

diy mermaid tail

Make your girls feel like their favorite Disney princess, Ariel (The Little Mermaid) with this DIY mermaid tail. Click here for tutorial.

3. Paper Lantern

paper lantern

Add a splash of color to your children's room with this rainbow paper lantern. Click here for details.

4. Flower Prints using Bottle

bottle prints

Kids love to get messy. Put those messy hands into something creative like creating flower prints using a bottle cap. Click here to know how.

5. Egg Carton Boats

egg carton boats

Sail away with this quick egg carton boat during a pool day. Click here for details.

6. Bubble Painting

bubble printing

Along with playing, your kids could also print bubbles. Know how in here.

7. Button Ring

button ring

Girls love jewelries and you can add some more to her collection with these button rings. Click here for tutorial.

8. Sunflower Marshmallow Pops

Sunflower Marshmallow Pops

These Sunflower Marshmallow Pops are so good-looking, you may have to  think twice about eating it. Click here to create your own sweet treats.

9. Summer Skies Jello SnackSummer-Skies-Jello-Snack_thumb1

Beat the heat with this sweet treat – a mix of Jell-O and whipped cream. Click here to make one.

10. Newspaper Forts

newspaper forts

Help your kids' make their own hideaway from newspaper. Click here for tutorial.

11. Lemonade Stand

lemonade stand

Let your kids earn some money this summer through selling lemonade. Click here to create a stand for the kids.

12. Glow in the Dark Jellyfish

glow in the dark jellyfish

This glow-in-the-dark jellyfish is a perfect decor in your kids' room. Click here to make one.

13. Frog Baseball Hat

frog baseball hat

Play baseball with this DIY frog hat that is easy to make. Click here for details.

14. Grass Heads

grass heads

Your kids will never get enough of these crafty grass heads. Click here on how to make one.

15. Glitter Sunglasses

glitter glasses

Turn those dull sunglasses into something glamour that your kids would love. Click here for details.

16. Helicopter Made from Plastic Bottle


Made from recycled materials, this craft is definitely a winner to your kids. Click here for details.

17. Melted Crayon Art

melted crayon art

Let your kids make their first masterpiece with melted crayon. Click here on how to do it.

18. Bird Feeder

bird feeder

Get your kids up close with birds with this super easy bird feeder. Click here for details.

19. Cars' Cookies

cars cookies

Is your kid fond of Disney's Cars? Then, your child will love Lighting McQueen, Sally and Mater in cookies. Click here for the recipe.

20. Activity Play Mat

activity play mat

With a bit of creativity and recycled materials, you can create an attractive activity play mat to keep your kids occupied for the season. Click here to make one.

21. Spoon or Cap Bugs

cap or spoon bugs

Make those unused caps and spoons into something your kids will surely appreciate. Click here for details.

22. DIY Kaleidoscope

DIY Kaleidoscope

An inexpensive craft for your kids to enjoy the world of science. Click here to make your own.

23. Rainbow Yarn Picture


Playing with yarn gives you a 3D picture that your kids will surely adore. Click here for details.

24. Paper Kite


The traditional paper kite is a great way to bond with your kids. Click here on how to make one.

25. Superhero Capes

superhero capes

Superhero capes will make your kids feel they can save the world like their favorite superheroes. Click here for tutorial.

26. DIY Glitter Slime

glitter slime

Your kids surely enjoy making various shapes from this DIY glitter slime. Click here for the tutorial.

27. Painted Kid's Umbrella

painted umbrella

Protect your kids from summer rain with an animated umbrella. Click here on how to make one.

28. Turtle Herb Planters

turtle herb planters

Let your kid discover his green thumb with this turtle herb planters. Click here on how to make one.

29. Shadow Puppet Theater

shadow puppets

Your kids will enjoy this shadow puppet theater and it is very easy to set up. Click here on how.

30. Homemade Street Chalk Paint

street chalk

Let your children color your pathways with this homemade chalk paint. Don't worry because you can easily wash them away. Click here for details.

31. Sandpaper T-shirt

sandpaper tshirt

T-shirt printing made easy. Click here for tutorial.

32. Rainbow Bubble Snakes


Fill your summer with snake bubbles with this project. Click here for details.

33. DIY Wind Chime

diy wind chime

Let your young artists create a beautiful and relaxing wind chime. Click here for details.

34. Lego Soap

lego soap

Lego soap is something you haven't tried before. Fun and useful your kids will love taking a bath. Click here for details.

35. DIY Lava Lamp

lava lamp

Spice up the summer with this easy-to-make DIY lava lamp. Click here for tutorial.

36. Finger Paint

finger paint

Let your kids experiment with paint using their hands. Click here for the recipe.

37. DIY Hula Hoop

DIY Hula Hoop

Sweat it out with your kids using this DIY hula hoop. Click here for tutorial.

38. DIY Jumping Rope

diy jump rope

Recycle those marker caps and make them a colorful jumping rope. Click here on how to make one.

39. Glowing DIY Fireflies


Summer will never be complete without fireflies. You can make your own glowing DIY fireflies your kids can play with. Click here for details.

40. Firework Painting

firework painting

Enhance your child's creativity using pipe cleaners for a perfect firework. Click here for tutorial.

41. Friendship Bracelets

friendship bracelets

This versatile and easy craft is something that could keep your kids busy this summer. Click here on how to make one.

 42. Butterfly Magnets


With little supervision from adults, kids can make this DIY project in few minutes. Click here on how to do it.

43. Monogram Mug

DIY monogram mug

Put personal touch to your mug using monograms. Click here for tutorial.

44. Bookshelf Dollhouse

Bookshelf Dollhouse

If a dollhouse is out of budget, then no worries because you can make an old bookshelf to a wonderful dollhouse. Click here for details.

45. Outdoor Music Station

outdoor music station

Turn those kitchen utensils into something fun – an outdoor music station. Click here on how to do it.


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2 years ago

i like the ideas are awesome i will try them with my kids

3 years ago


5 years ago

Thanks so much for this!!! It helped so much when I was finding ideas to give to the babysitter for my kids. You are a life saver!! 😉

5 years ago

That was very helpful for a Pinterest activity we are doing. Thanks so much!!

5 years ago

I love all of these great ideas they are great for kids and adults even. These are awesome crafts and have seriously considered doing them this summer!

9 years ago

I want a Button Ring, and a Frog Hat, and a Marshmallow Sunflower, too. What a fun round up, for kids & adults. Thank you for including the Rainbow Yarn Art from CraftsnCoffee.com.

5 years ago
Reply to  Sharon

The Marshmellow Sunflower looks fun, I agree!

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