Kitchen Gadgets that Save Time and Money

kitchen gadgets that save time and money

Did you get a cake pop maker or donut maker last Christmas?

How about a chocolate fountain a few years ago?

Did you get a George Foreman grill for a wedding gift or maybe an ice cream maker?

Where are they now?

Sitting in a cabinet, taking up space and gathering dust? Kitchen gadgets are like toys for grown-ups…we “play” with them a lot when they're new, and then we forget about them. Next Christmas another trendy gadget comes out, and we repeat the process again until we realize our cabinets are overflowing!

The Budget Diet girl is not a huge fan of kitchen gadgets, but there are a few that do save time and money.

4 Kitchen Gadgets that Save Time and Money

Bread Machine – Ahhh, the smell of fresh baked bread wafting through your house! You can make a loaf for about 25¢, and think beyond white bread. Whole Wheat Bread, Pumpernickel, French Bread, Pizza Dough or any dough. Homemade bread is always a treat, and thanks to bread machines it's no longer a chore – the machine takes care of the kneading, rising and baking. OK, now I'm craving homemade French Bread!
Casserole Keeper – I don't know if this is the proper name, but it's essentially a warming oven. Your casserole can go directly from the oven to the insulated zippered pouch with a reusable heat pack, and dinner stays warm for 2 – 3 hours. Most casserole keepers come with a glass pan and a heat-proof lid for the pan. So, tell me Budget Diet girl, how does this Casserole Keeper save time and money? Answer this question. Have you ever found yourself in this dinner dilemma…little Johnny has cub scouts until 5:00, Suzy has to be at dance class from 6:00 until 8:00, and your husband has to work late. What do you do for dinner?

  • A. Race through the drive-through after cub scouts, and let the kids eat in the car on the way to dance.
  • B. Cereal for dinner.
  • C. Everyone enjoys a delicious, hot dinner because you made lasagna this afternoon and put it in your casserole keeper.

Now you know busy mom's dirty little secret.
Crock Pot – The crock pot is busy mom's other little secret. Add your ingredients in the morning, and you'll have a delicious dinner with minimal effort. Most crock pots have a “warm” setting, so just like the casserole keeper, it's another easy way to have a hot dinner when everyone is coming and going at different times. If you spend anytime at all on Pinterest, you know that there's a crock pot recipe for just about anything.
Ice Cream Maker – Homemade Ice Cream might not save time, but the taste rivals Haagan Dazs, and have you priced premium ice cream lately? The new ice cream makers do all the work for you – simply add your ingredients, plug it in and turn it on…no hand-churning required. Instead of going out for ice cream or splurging on Ben & Jerry's at the grocery…make your own!

Before investing in a new bread machine, crock pot or ice cream maker…try Goodwill or a thrift store. The shelves are always full of unwanted kitchen gadgets, and the prices can't be beat. Of course, it won't come nicely packaged in a box with instructions, but that's where the internet comes in! Simply do a web search for the brand name, the model and instructions.

What are your favorite kitchen gadgets that save time and money?

P.S. – Dear Santa, please don't bring me a Vegetable Spiralizer.

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